Healthy Diet-- need normal food?

Healthy Diet-- need normal food? Topic: Healthy Diet-- need normal food?
November 23, 2019 / By Orna
Question: I've been trying to eat healthy (both to lose a few pounds and more importantly, to get clear skin)... I was wondering if anyone had any advice for foods that I can eat. I'm a vegetarian btw. I've been eating lots of fruits and vegetables, but i seem to develop a slight gag reflex at sour fruits (berries, for example). also, i continue feeling hungry no matter how many fruits/ vegetables I eat until I finally eat something normal (i.e.- pasta). what to do? my other question is... i want to take vitamins... does anyone have any suggestions? I'm 20.
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Malina Malina | 6 days ago
If you eat just fruits and vegetables you will be hungry. Pasta is OK but whole grains are better. Whole grain pasta, whole grain rice mixes, barley, good whole grain bread, etc. You also need some protein. Try incorporating beans and lentils into your diet. Soup is a great way to do this. You can also include beans in pasta dishes. Snack on edamame (soy beans). You'll find them frozen in most markets. Nuts are also great in moderation. Soy based veggie burgers (boca, for example) are great for a quick meal. They are low in fat and calories but high in protein.
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Malina Originally Answered: Why "healthy/diet" foods taste the same as normal foods?
they may taste the same to most people (they taste the same to me too) but theyre so processed and not very good for you. they put crap like imitation sweeteners and all those in. if youre on a 'diet', you might as well just eat fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish and chicken all day. theyre way better for you than all those 'diet' foods.

Kimberlee Kimberlee
My surgeon said that a children's vitamin is good for anyone. Fruits and veggies are a good start to a diet but need protein in it for sure. Go speak to your doctor about the reflex problem. I do not think these types of questions should be asked on here.
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Janele Janele
Pasta only gives you a temporary full feeling. The veggies and fruit are actually filling foods. Not sure why you are hungry, but the pasta is loaded with carbs. You might try some whole wheat pastas. They are more healthy.
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Erin Erin
once you're constipated you lack one element... WATER!!!! whilst your physique runs wanting water, it is going to absorb each and every drop of water it somewhat is discovered interior the meals you're taking because of fact water is a necessary element that the physique would not manufacture. to maximise the absorption of water interior the meals eaten, the physique slows down peristalsis or the flow of meals interior the intestines. This prolongs the stay of refuses interior the intestines and so delays the the expulsion that explains why you do no longer defecate daily. whilst each and every drop of water is absorbed, the stools grow to be formed and dry making defecation much greater no longer common. As they are saying, its slippery whilst moist. With the absence of water interior the stools, constipation happens. To superb constipation save on with this methodology: degree your weight. while you're utilising kgs, multiply this extensive type through 50 ml and which will become the whole quantity of water which you ought to drink universal. in case you degree weight in pounds, 0.5 of your weight often is the whole quantity of water in oz. Take a million/4 of the whole quantity upon waking up interior the morning and at bedtime, a million/4 entire quantity 0.5 hour earlier lunch and supper and a million/4 entire quantity 2 and a 0.5 hours after breakfast and lunch. Take water each time you're thirsty. yet differently could be changing the water each and every time you urinate. sidestep dehydrating aspects like: coffee, tea, mushy drinks, goodies, alcohol, capability drinks, diuretic drugs. those aspects will make your condition worse.
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Claire Claire
fruits, veggies and plenty of water are good for skin proteins filling..since your a vegetarian..beans are a good alternative..and tofu, or try potatoes
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Claire Originally Answered: Healthy Teen Diets? Whats normal for a 15 year old girl 5'4?
I've done all the researching tried MANY diets-Flat Belly Diet, Special K diet, colon cleansers, the BS plan, acai berry pills, and so many more... I've finally come to the conclusion at 16 that- 1. The more you sacrifice/give, the more you receive(i.e. money, time, effort). 2. Long term or the highway. 3. Healthy diet is what gets you where you want to go, not yo-yo dieting. I'm not going to give you a link or anything, but I've been on Weight Watchers for 2 months now and have never felt so in control of my weight. I would love to talk more so check out my profile and email me/friend me. Good luck and hope I help!

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