ways to raise your metabolism?

ways to raise your metabolism? Topic: ways to raise your metabolism?
January 18, 2020 / By Neilina
Question: I am trying to find ways to raise my metabolism. I want to be able to eat things without having to work really hard to keep off the weight later... how can i raise my metabolism? thanks ^^ ~*Tear*~
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Lou Lou | 1 day ago
Eat six smaller meals a day as opposed to three large ones. This method is used for weight lose as it keeps your body consistantly energized throughout the day.
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Lou Originally Answered: How can I raise my metabolism level?
Putting on muscle is the best way to raise it. Pound for pound, it takes more energy to maintain muscle than fat - so if you put on some muscle, your body will start working more efficiently 'cause it's revved up to maintain muscle. warning, though - when you first start putting on muscle, you may actually Gain weight. That's not a bad thing, and you could even be leaner but the dense tight muscle is heavier than loose flabby fat.

Kathryn Kathryn
Smaller meals are the number one way to keep your metabolism energized, in my opinion. Exercise is another big one, and it's got amazing health benefits. I find it makes me feel a great deal happier when I'm done exercising, too. :) The last way that I know of is green tea, or green tea pills. You can buy then at any pharmacy, really. Just take 1-2 with meals and voila! Hope I helped :)
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Hepsie Hepsie
Ok there are plenty of ways to raise your metabolism, that are easy to do -Get plenty of sleep (7-9 hours) -Drink lots of water (6-8 glassses a day) It will help cleanse your system -Exercise (duh) mainly strength training -Eating spicy foods actually does help burn more calories (it's true) -Instead of eating one big meal, snack on the same amount of calories throughout the day (Just be careful not to over eat this way) -Natural Green Tea (make sure its low in sugar and calories) helps boost metabolism slightly Hope I helped!
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Earnestine Earnestine
exercising naturally raises your metabolism. if you drink a cup of green tea a day, that also will raise your metabolism, as will eating things like nuts, carrots, celery etc.
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Celinda Celinda
I found this site useful for some tips for healthy sources... may be u could search and find it here... http://www.health-capsule.blogspot.com
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Celinda Originally Answered: Does exercising raise the metabolism?
The exercise itself burns energy ... and the muscle that it creates burns more Calories in a resting position than fat does, so, yes, it essentially does raise the metabolism. Best of Wishes

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