How can I stop dog itching so much?

How can I stop dog itching so much? Topic: How can I stop dog itching so much?
January 25, 2020 / By Marilynn
Question: I have a 7 month old Shut tzu dog and her itching of her coat is unreal. I keep her groomed and she does not have fleas. I try to feed her an organic diet and I just cant understand what is causing this. The natural baths once a week or two does help. I use the natural oatmeal and Aloe bath formula.I want to remidy this situation as natural and chemical free as posible. Any suggestions??
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Kristeen Kristeen | 2 days ago
Does the organic diet include any grains? Wheat is a common canine allergen. Make certain her diet is competely grain-free.
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Jaynie Jaynie
She could just have dry skin like my mini Aussie's naturally have. I would recommend giving a vet or even a groomer a call(it was the groomer that told me mine just naturally had it). Oh yeah and mine eat from metal dishes so it has nothing to do with plastic. It's possible it could be an allergy to the food she eats as well but I doubt it. There are a number of over the counter meds you can buy at PetCo or PetSmart to help. I even gave mine fish oil and flaxseed supplements that seemed to help as well. There are different sprays you can purchase as well to help if the issue is dry skin. Either way keep up with the oatmeal baths and always towel dry, never blow dry.
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Fae Fae
Take your *Shih tzu* to the vet and find out why it is scratching so much. It could be an allergy to pollen, mold spores or other things in the air. Inhalant allergies are the most common allergies of dogs. Second most common is flea bite allergy. It only takes 1 bite of 1 flea to trigger a full blown allergic reaction so, even if you haven't seen any fleas, your dog might possibly have a flea bite allergy. Fleas don't live on dogs, they only hop on to feed there. While you are at the veterinary clinic, you can ask about natural remedies. I don't think any of them work but you can ask. I see a lot of dogs on natural remedies with thickened, damaged skin, big ugly bare patches, open oozy sores and constant scratching (absolutely miserable!). It might be a lot more KIND to use what the vet recommends. Then you don't have to watch your dog suffer.
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Comfort Comfort
Try bathing her only every other week. She might be ichy because you are overly washing her and her skin might be too dry. Dogs should only be bathed every two weeks anyways. It's better for their coat. Also try some hot spot spray or conditioner. You are probably washing out all the oils in her skin causing her to itch. Hope this helps!
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Berniece Berniece
One thing you might look at is the dog's water and food dishes. If they're made of plastic, get rid of them and buy metal or glass dishes. Our local vet columnist says plastics contain allergens that some pets react to.
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