32 weeks pregnant and constipated what do i do?.?

32 weeks pregnant and constipated what do i do?.? Topic: 32 weeks pregnant and constipated what do i do?.?
October 14, 2019 / By Marielle
Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant and recently found out im anemic. So they prescribed me iron pills. I've been taking them but they are making me so constipated. I have been to a couple ob/gyn's and they all tell me something different. One told me its ok to take laxatives and one told me no way! So i'm not sure what to do. I can't stand the taste of the fiber drinks, i can't drink it fast enough and it turns to jello! But it's so uncomfortable havin a big o baby in you and not being able to use the restroom! Any advice...?
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Kortney Kortney | 6 days ago
Eat alot of fruits!!!! and veggies too. But try to eat prunes, apples, pears, etc.... and eat salads ands healthy foods like wheat, and eat some beans too (pinto) Do Not Eat Cheese!!!!! It will constipate you like crazy. Try some ice cream after you eat, that is a natural laxative, and try drinking some orange juice and alot of water. Some doctors say you can take laxatives and some say not to, it just depends on how you feel about it and what your motherly instincts tell you. Good Luck!
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Kortney Originally Answered: Im 33 weeks pregnant and so constipated what can I take?
I am going to cut & paste from a similar question that I answered yesterday: I started to get really constipated around 25 weeks and only found one thing that helped. Try taking straight Psyllium fiber pills every day when you take your prenatal vitamins. They are all natural and perfectly safe for you and your baby, can be bought at any grocery store or walmart, and are fairly inexpensive. You will have to "play" for a few days to figure out how many to take for your needs. it took me about 3 days to get the balance right so that I wasn't constipated but didn't have diarrhea either. Start at 3 pills once a day (that is what worked for me) and adjust from there if needed.

Jayla Jayla
Stimulant laxatives are probably not a good idea for you right now. Fiber supplements are the best option, but you don't have to do the drinks. They make a tablet you can chew and then drink a glass of water. Or you can make an effort to get extra fiber from your food. Prunes are always good, or prune juice. A southern remedy is a big ole plate of collard greens! That'll blast it right out of you! LOL. From now on, you should be trying to drink plenty of liquids and eat a high fiber diet to help keep you regulated. If you must have a quick fix, a mineral oil enema should be safe, but do not use a salt based or stimulant form. Use only half the bottle of mineral oil enema, and crouch on your hands and knees with your butt up in the air as long as you can stand it before you make the attempt to move your bowels. You want to give the oil plenty of time to soften the edges of the stool so they will pass more easily. Try not to strain at your stool, or you will get hemorrhoids, and do not hold your breath when pushing so you don't make your blood pressure shoot up. Good luck!
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Evelyne Evelyne
A small glass of prune juice will get your bowls moving. Failing that orange juice would probably do it too. Natural fiber is the best thing to introduce into the diet. Don't use a suppository type laxative, these are bowel irritants and would cause a lot of discomfort. Drink extra water as well that will help and remember to eat high fibre fruit and vegetables and avoid bananas.
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Colene Colene
well im not that far along and i have a tendency to get really constipated and i cant drink the drinks fast enough too. my dr told me to try to increase stuff high in fiber or to take colace its a lil pill that you can take while being pregnant. i think it works good if you take it every day otherwise it doesnt help. i was told do not take laxatives risk losing baby but im also only 4 and a half months along.
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Benjamina Benjamina
My doctor had to prescribe me iron pills too because I'm anemic but she also gave me stool softeners just in case I did get constipated. Nothing has gone wrong or weird since I started taking them and its been 6 weeks. Even if my doctor didn't prescribe me any I would of went and bought some stool softeners! I don't see how they could be harmful at all other than to help you get it out! lol
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Benjamina Originally Answered: 38 weeks pregnant and need help?
Evening Primrose Oil will not induce labor, but it may help "move things along" by softening and ripening the cervix. I am 38 weeks pregnant as well, and I've started taking it orally and vaginally as recommended by my midwife as I am planning on having a natural birth. I'm going to start walking more, as I've read this encourages the baby's head to press against the cervix (which is hopefully going to become softer). I was also instructed to start taking red raspberry leaf tea. Oh, and sex is probably the most natural method! Because the hormones in semen helps to ripen the cervix as well!

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