Where in the world is the healthiest place to live?

Where in the world is the healthiest place to live? Topic: Where in the world is the healthiest place to live?
July 18, 2019 / By Lynet
Question: Like clean air, healthy food, no pollution etc? Where in this world would be considered the healthiest place to live?
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Best Answers: Where in the world is the healthiest place to live?

Keara Keara | 4 days ago
Appalachian mountains are pretty nice. You might be able to smell a still in operation every now and then, but as long as you live west of the coal mines, the air is clean. Flagstaff Arizona is real nice as long as you don't live in town. Alabama has low taxes and a low cost of living. But you would have to live near Birmingham, or Huntsville to get quality medical care including Hospitals. Montgomery gets hit with full powered hurricanes so don't go there.
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Keara Originally Answered: What are the healthiest foods to eat in the whole world ?
Living to be 100+ is probably more related to a persons genetic makeup than what they mainly eat. I imagine that the people who have lived that long didn't know they would and didn't plan their diet accordingly. If it were that easy there would be many more people eating in a healthier way. Sorry, but I can only tell you what some of the healthiest foods I enjoy are---eggs, oatmeal (complex carbohydrate), beans (prepared from dried), I'm not a vegetarian but I don't eat meat (this includes fish), tho if I did it would be salmon (USA west coast & Alaska caught only), prob chicken & pork. I'm not an organic fanatic but if I went back to meat I'd eat as close to organic as I could get. I have always loved veggies and fruit. I cook w olive oil, I love ice cream and butter. I don't plan on living to 100 (or even close) but I know that eating a variety of healthy whole foods is a good way to try & keep healthy your whole life. Living to 100 or older is in large part genes & after you get good genes fr your parents it's how you live your life including but certainly not limited to diet.
Keara Originally Answered: What are the healthiest foods to eat in the whole world ?
The food pyramid is a good guide to go by. Your body needs many different types of food each day to be truly healthy. Each day you should have: -Grains: bread, pasta, rice, cereal, oatmeal, etc. -Veggies: there are so many types, they each have different types of vitamins so it is important to eat a variety of them. -Fruit: it is important to vary the type of fruit you eat, just like veggies. Each kind will give you different vitamins, minerals or antioxidents. -Dairy: dairy contains calcium which is very important, especially for children. Milk, yogurt and cheese are all part of this group. -Protein: meat, fish and eggs are rich in protein, which is also needed daily. Many nutrient bars can give you several of these daily supplements, so that is something god to eat. A website to visit for more information is: http://www.mypyramid.gov/pyramid/index.h... I found it very helpful. Hope this helps(:

Idelle Idelle
Anywhere at the Costa Blanca in Spain.... Good Food, Good Weather, Good People, Beautiful Coastline, hot waters and many others.... Lot's of Fiestas and lengthy siestas to not point out you are approximately an hours shuttle by way of aircraft to any of the excellent European towns of the World... I additionally believe that Denia used to be voted third healthiest location to continue to exist the planet by way of the arena wellbeing institution for the above recounted and it is at the Costa Blanca....I can not believe of a higher satisfactory of existence......
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Edytha Edytha
Bhutan. Its part of the himalayas. No luxuries, Its the world's peaceful place. You will need a good background to get in that country.
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Edytha Originally Answered: What are, objectively, the healthiest foods in the world?
sweet potato is THE healthiest, ranked by CSPI. Go here: http://www.foodreference.com/html/sweet-... Other power players: any berries (blue,rasp, cran), avocados, apricots, citrus fruits, onion (flavonoids),broccoli, spinach, any squash, arugula, quiona, lentils, peanuts. For meats: moose or caribou or ostrich (as opposed to beef), salmon, shellfish.

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