Whats the best brand of cleanser/toner/moisturizer.?

Whats the best brand of cleanser/toner/moisturizer.? Topic: Whats the best brand of cleanser/toner/moisturizer.?
September 20, 2019 / By Bee
Question: I'm a teenager so of course i have some acne. I have dry to normal skin, and i don't want something that's going to cause more acne obviously. Now i'm not sure i should even use all 3 products, so if i don't need these, let me know.
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Admiranda Admiranda | 2 days ago
The best cleanser is definatly nutrogena spot stress control. Its brilliant for getting rid of spots. This would be the best choice for you as it does not dry out your face. The best toner and moisturiser is simple. I would use the light moisturiser as you say that your skin is not too dry. Use this after cleansing twice a day and a good tip is too put lots on your face at night and your skin will be incredibly soft by morning. Toner is for absorbing the exces oil on your face so dry skin would not need this, but its up to youif you feel you need it. it will not damage your skin or give you more spots. Another good thing to do is to put your steam your face about twice a month. Just pour boiling water into a basin and then lower your head till you are feeling the steam and put a towel over your head. This opens all your pores. Then splash cold water over your face to close them after cleansing. This a very cheap way to do some deep cleansing.
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Admiranda Originally Answered: Is Neutrogena Naturals fresh cleansing + makeup remover a moisturizer, or just a cleanser and makeup remover?
Neutrogena Fresh cleansing Plus makeup remover moisturizer is a hydrating Face cleanser this reason it says on Bottle moisturizing it takes off makeup without drying out the skin.
Admiranda Originally Answered: Is Neutrogena Naturals fresh cleansing + makeup remover a moisturizer, or just a cleanser and makeup remover?
The Neutrogena Skin-Clearing line of cosmetics is targeted specifically at people with acne. In general, this means it should be good for people with oily skin. In this article, we’ll focus on Neutrogena’s Skin Clearing Liquid Foundation, which contains salicylic acid to help acne.

Tennyson Tennyson
Miss Lindsey, no toner, just stick to these; Use a mild cleanser like Olay foaming. Why? because acne cleansers tend to be brutal on the skin by super drying it. Then follow up with a good brand facial lotion. I recommend Cura Serum by Isabella Pelle. It's a highly concentrated lotion with the highest concentration of the best moisturizer known to date; hyaluronic acid. For the acne suggest you use spot treatment like Oxy 10 and apply directly on the zit. Suggest you use it when you go to sleep. Hope this helps.
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Phinehas Phinehas
I'm a teenager also 16, I use Clinique and my face is clearing up & super soft. It's a bit pricy but worth it. You could go to a Clinique booth and they could pick what products are good for you face, that's a plus.
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Phinehas Originally Answered: Whats the best cleanser for acne?
Well personally I've had the same problem. I tried practically anything I could get my hands on fast..and it never seemed to work. And as you said, Acutane worked. The reason being that it's actually prescribed by a dermatologist. You need to see one, they can do wonders! I finally went to the dermatologist last month and I've been prescribed Triaz face wipes (which work fast!), Epiduo face cream to put on trouble areas at night, and Benzoyl Peroxide cream for the morning. I didn't have really awful acne but once in a while I'd get an annoyingly larger zit. It's been working very well and I suggest you check out your dermatologist. As much as you may want to keep scrubbing your skin, you'll irritate it and get a sufficient amount more of acne. Good luck! (:

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