What are some healthy vegan food choices?

What are some healthy vegan food choices? Topic: What are some healthy vegan food choices?
October 14, 2019 / By Liza
Question: I am attempting to become vegan tomorrow. I have been vegetarian for almost 2 years now. I really want to be vegan, it is just hard because all of my family eats dairy products, how can i be tempted NOT to eat the dairy products? I am 14 by the way. also, i will i lose weight and how much?
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Karla Karla | 1 day ago
Once you have given up dairy for a while, you will realize how gross it is an never crave it. I haven't had cheese/etc in years now and I can't even imagine eating that stuff..even when I smell it...ugh! Besides, if your diet is interesting enough, a little self control is all you need. Food choices? Endless! Tonight I had a Mediterranean lentil stew and whole wheat pita with hummus and a fresh salad. Last night I had black beans, mixed veggies(corn, red and green peppers, avocado and salsa fresca on brown rice. The night before eggplant cutlets, marinara sauce, and garlic tofu. On the side I had Sauteed Spinach and homemade garlic bread. You won't run out of options, you can eat anything that didn't come from an animal! Sami:Check your list, lots of problems. TUNA IS NOT EVEN VEGETARIAN. Never mind vegan. She doesn't eat dead animals. Edit: Many people lose some weight, but not everyone. How much will depend on your diet before and after. I always had a big appetite, but after going vegan I could eat much more and maintain a slim weight. I lost about 14 pounds, and gained a LOT of energy.
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Karla Originally Answered: Looking for healthy food choices?
Healthy Snacks: #Handful nuts # Whole fruit #Strawberry & Grape # Popcorn (Orville Redenbacher 100 Calorie Smart Pop 94% Fat Free Butter Mini Bags ) # Hummus with carrots # Yogurt (Yoplait Light Yogurt or Fage Total 0% Fat Yogurt) with nuts & berries Snack: Ice Cream Edy's/Dreyers * Grape * Lemonade * Orange & Cream * Strawberry * Strawberry-Banana Smoothie * Tangerine * Tropical Smoothie * Variety Pack (Grape, Cherry, Tropical) * (Lime, Strawberry, Wildberry) * Variety Pack No Sugar Added (Black Cherry, Strawberry-Kiwi, Mixed Berry)* (Strawberry, Tangerine, Raspberry) Snack:Ice Cream Skinny Cow Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches * Vanilla * Chocolate * Mint * Strawberry Shortcake Low Fat Ice Cream Cones: * Vanilla with caramel * Chocolate with fudge * Mint drizzled in fudge Low Fat Ice Cream Bars: * Fudge bars * Mini fudge pops Snack:Hershey's® Extra Dark Chocolate, All Varieties * Hershey's® Cocoa * Hershey's® Special Dark® Cocoa Snack:Nonni's Biscotti * Originali * Cioccolati * Decadenc * Noci Cioccolati * Turtle Pecan * Almond Toffee Biscotti * Caramel Latte * Cinamon Dolce * Limone * Mint Cioccolati - Pepperidge Farm Montieri Raspberry Tart Cookies (120 Calories, 3g Fat for 2 Cookies) - Quaker Chewy Dark Chocolate Cherry 90 Calorie Granola Bars (90 Calories, 2g Fat per Bar) - Hostess 100 Calorie Packs Cinnamon Streusel Muffins (100 Calories, 3g Fat for 3 Cakes) - Reese's Peanut Butter Snacksters (100 Calories, 4g Fat per Pack) -Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Snack Packs (100 Calories, 8g Fat per Pouch) - Miss Vickie's Nine Grain Simply Salted Chips (140 Calories, 7g Fat for 15 Chips) - Dr. Praeger's Sweet Potato Bites (110 Calories, 3g Fat for 2 Pieces) -Progresso 40% Less Sodium Italian-Style Wedding Soup (90 Calories, 2g Fat per Cup) -Edy's Fruit Bars (45 Calories, 1g Fat per Bar) -Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake Bites (120 Calories, 7g Fat for 6 Bites) -Kraft LiveActive Natural Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (80 Calories, 5g Fat per Stick) -Kellogg's All-Bran Strawberry -Drizzle Fiber Bar (120 Calories, 3g Fat per Bar) - Quaker Caramel Drizzle Mini Delights (90 Calories, 4g Fat per Bag) - Pringles Baked Wheat Pizza Stix (90 Calories, 4g Fat per bag) - Kellogg's Wild Animal Crunch Cereal (100 Calories, 1g Fat for ½ Cup) - Utz Original Multigrain Sunflower Chips (140 Calories, 6g Fat for 1 oz.) -Jell-O Singles Sugar Free Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix (80 Calories, 0g Fat per 4 oz.) -Morningstar Farms Ginger Teriyaki Veggie Cakes (110 Calories, 2g Fat per Patty) TrueNorth 100% Natural Peanut Clusters (170 Calories, 13g Fat for 6 Pieces) - Kashi Roasted Garlic & Thyme TLC Party Crackers (130 Calories, 5g Fat for 4 Crackers) :Popcorn, Indiana Aged White Cheddar Kettlecorn (160 Calories, 11g Fat for 2½ Cups) - Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs Mister Salty Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels (100 Calories, 4g Fat per Bag) -LesserEvil Classic SeaSalt Krinkle Sticks (110 Calories, 3g Fat for 1.2 oz.)

Harriett Harriett
There are tons of healthy vegan food choices! I love the rice cereal in a box that you heat up w/water & can add whatever you like (I add raspberry jam - just a little! -, blackstrap molasses for iron/calcium/potassium, & rice milk). Also all of the lovely organic fruits & vegetables (obviously)- I like 'em steamed w/couscous or brown rice. Don't forget about nuts & seeds! I would be tempted to eat dairy products if I lived with non-vegans, but I still wouldn't eat it. Dairy is not healthy for people & personally makes me feel bloated & nasty.
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Donella Donella
There are a lot of healthy and delicious vegetables out there. Dont be afraid to spice them up. Have stirfries and other delicious vegan foods. Try google for a menu of vegan foods.
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Caryl Caryl
You can make a delicious egg plant cooked cream, with some green sauce, spiced or little bit peppered and salted in a processor, and use like butter to put in your bread and is conserved in the refrigerator in a glass or cup (like mayo) . You can take with cold soy milk flavored with strawberry and mixed with brown sugar and cinamon in a liquidifier or mixer. If you need some "extras" you can add some dried fruit like bananas or fics - if you like salted, you can eat with chips of carrots or roasted peas. If you like cereal, you can make a small granola or corn with soy condensed milk cream (you can make a puddim with this. Good Luck!
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Angie Angie
I had a vegan chum who asked them to leave the cheese off while she have been given pizza. And being a vegan is going to be no longer straightforward in case you're going out to consume with human beings plenty, even with the shown fact that there are fantastic vegan and vegetarian eating places. you may in simple terms ought to circulate with getting a salad at circumstances if there is not any longer the rest on the menu. i think of they are maximum probable to have vegetarian options at eating places and not vegan ones, even with the shown fact that. besides, there are different stable web content obtainable that might assist you. VeganYumYum is probable my popular, and he or she links to a large style of others, so which you need to have the potential to locate a large style of stable recipes. confirm you're getting all the supplements and nutrients you choose, ok? And protein. once you're vegan, you need to be greater careful to consume the main appropriate issues. it truly is not very virtually eating vegetables for all time. Make some seitan! Oh guy, i like seitan. even with the shown fact which you are going to possibly no longer choose meat substitutes. Um...they are truly in comparison to meat in any respect even with the shown fact that. in case you have a organic ingredients shop close to you, that is stable. besides the shown fact that the grocery shops in my section are commencing as much as inventory vegan issues of their organic and organic sections, besides. total ingredients is a properly-enjoyed decision in case you have no longer have been given a community shop. (playstation : i'm no longer vegan. I in simple terms love scrumptious nutrients, vegan or no longer.)
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Angie Originally Answered: What are healthy food choices for someone who wants to lose 40 pounds?
Lettuce & tomatoes Carrot & celery sticks Baked potato Broiled chicken or fish Tuna Non-fat yogurt Non-fat pudding Sugar-free jello Cheerios Shredded Wheat Oatmeal All fruits All vegetables All juices 1% milk NO SODA, MAYO, SUGARY ANYTHING, FRIED ANYTHING, FAST-FOODS (except salad or baked potato).

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