Whats the big deal about the Bears going to the Super Bowl for the first time sence '85?

Whats the big deal about the Bears going to the Super Bowl for the first time sence '85? Topic: Whats the big deal about the Bears going to the Super Bowl for the first time sence '85?
January 28, 2020 / By Kris
Question: Its the first time the Colts have been sence '68!!! They were the Baltimore Colts then, but still its the first time a teem with the colts name, or a team from Indy has been sence 1968!!! forget the Bears, GO COLTS
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Best Answers: Whats the big deal about the Bears going to the Super Bowl for the first time sence '85?

Jayma Jayma | 9 days ago
I don't think it really much anything. It's just the media giving some history on each team to those you are not familiar with the two teams. I too hope the Colts win. I want to see Tony Dungy finally get his ring. I still credit him with the Tampa Bay super bowl win. After all that was his team not "Chuckie's". I also want to see Peyton Manning finally silence his detractors.
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Jayma Originally Answered: What's the big deal about the first black head coach to win a Super Bowl?
I think that the bigger deal was that there were two black coaches in the super bowl that year, and considering how many black coaches there are in the leauge, that was pretty phenomenal. plus, it's not like it was talked about that much, I mean, remember how much we talked about the season opener? the Manning Bowl? or how much we talked about spygate, 19-0 (potentially) so, yeah...

Everild Everild
It doesn't change your point, but your history is wrong! You said the Colts haven't been to the Super Bowl since 1968, but they won Super Bowl V following the 1970 season. I hate when people do not get their facts straight.
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Coline Coline
C'mon dude!!! Da Bears! One of the most popular teams in football......that's why. And let's not forget that the Colts are facing one of the best defenses in the league. Not the Patriots. C - Count O - On L - Losing T - The S - Super Bowl
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Berlin Berlin
Bears got the Superbowl cheer for Colts all you want,Bears D is so good and Peyton Manning is gonna choke again,probbly
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Adrie Adrie
they're think of to be greater effective interesting because of the fact the advertising dept of the companies that cause them to located their superb strategies forward. The SB attracts the only superb television objective marketplace of any broadcast. meaning the categorized classified ads would be seen with strategies from the main folk a threat at one time. This year's categorized classified ads have been no longer that solid. None extremely stand out in my strategies.
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Thady Thady
To the dude who said the Bears sucked for so long...Bears never went 1-15. And after sunday we will have 2 superbowl wins since you last won in---------1968 (lol). Now who sucks?
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Premyslas Premyslas
right. It must be because the bears have sucked *** for so long people are actually shocked they made it back. Good lookin out.
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Premyslas Originally Answered: super bowl instead of wedding, what you think?
I'm really shocked by some of these answers. When it comes right down to it the super bowl is just another football game! The media and football league are the ones that have hyped it up to be WAY more than it actually is and why? TO MAKE MONEY! The super bowl is basically one of the biggest scams in U.S. history. Scam vs. wedding of your best friend? yeah no contest there, or at least it shouldn't be for people with their priorities straight anyway. First thing I would do is stop referring to this person as a 'good good friend' especially since this isn't the first time he's missed a big event in his 'best friends' life. Yes, I would absolutely feel hurt but I'd get over it and never count this person among my nearest and dearest again. Some people, unfortunatley, just refuse to understand what's REALLY important in life. And no, having your wedding on 'super bowl sunday' is NOT inconsiderate or arrogant or selfish. The people that love you and that you would want to be there to celebrate would be there no matter what! Again, the super bowl really is just another football game.

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