is my cat constipated, or worse.?

is my cat constipated, or worse.? Topic: is my cat constipated, or worse.?
November 22, 2019 / By Julia
Question: i have an approx. 15 year old dsh i noticed a cry/howl from under the bed, so i managed to get my her out. i thought she couldn't walk at first, but then she got up and instantly squatted. i had just seen her minutes before having a bowel movement in the little box, which looked like a bit of a struggle. it was small, but she went and didnt cry. once i saw she was straining after getting her out from under the bed, i put her in the washroom (where her litterbox is) with some food and water. i was just online searching to see what could be wrong (assuming constipation)...went to check on her again and there was a large piece of stool on the floor, VERY hard when i picked it up, kinda covered in a looser stool (gross, i know). she was curled up on the heat vent and did her normal sweet little purr meow when i walked in there. and she seemed to get up and purr a bit. this was like 5 min ago. any need to take her to the vet, obviously i will keep a close eye on her..
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Gladys Gladys | 6 days ago
My cat has chronic constipation and he is on medications daily now, but occasionally will have a slower day and then growls for a some time, then has bowel movement and everything is fine. My cat has a megacolon condition because he is big, and you just need to observe. If your cat is constipated all the time, or does not have another bowel movement, you may have to take her to the vet immediately because this could be lethal. In the meantime, make sure she has plenty of clean water to drink and try feeding her with softer foods (like cans) - my vet said "softer in, softer out" so I feed my cat mostly cans, and this is a bit easier. Also for chronic constipation, check the fiber contents of the cat food you give your cat. It is not like with people, quite opposite, per my vet. For my cat I have to buy foods with 3% or less; once I bought Science Diet with 10% fiber and my cat got badly constipated after a day on it.
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Gladys Originally Answered: how do i stop this from getting worse?
Stool Softeners! They're in the laxative aisle. Buy the generic Docusate Sodium 100MG's. They are perfectly harmless. Ask the pharmacist if you have any concerns. Metamucil or Citrucel would help a lot too. Lots of fiber. Start with one stool softener at night. If that doesn't soften your stools go up to two a night. I know people that are on FIVE a night, but they're a lot older, and I really don't think you'll ever need that many. These are not addictive, and you will not need to take more and more. Perfectly safe, and they do the job. Still do drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit and dark leafy veggies. Veggies in general! Frozen, raw, or steamed. You should have an apple or pear every day, WITH the peeling. Also, you must exercise. I'm talking at least 25 minutes of cardio 5-6 days a week. Walking briskly is perfect! Or running, jogging, swimming, treadmill, stationary bike, or DANCING!! Any of those without stopping. You should work up a sweat. I know exercising is a drag, but if you do it to music or TV you'll be so glad when you see the results! Be sure to stretch before and after. Do all of the above, and you will be one happy girl! ;)

Dervila Dervila
My immediate suspicion is kidney failure (aka chronic renal failure). Classic side effect is dehydration, which causes rock hard poo and constipation. It's really common in old cats. My 16 y/o has it. It's a very gradual thing as the kidneys slowly lose functioning, and is commonly mistaken for the normal aging process - weight loss, muscle wasting, etc. People don't notice until the cat gets very sick. That's how it was with my cat - one morning she was super lethargic, swollen on her bottom, and seriously constipated. She had to be unblocked by a vet, but the constipation continued. A week later, she was vomiting clear fluid (bile) alarmingly often and wouldn't eat. This went on for 3 days (I remember - we were hit with a huge snowstorm which delayed the vet visit) and that's when bloodwork was done and it was discovered she had kidney failure. She lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks(!!!). So, if this constipation continues, or you suspect she has it, I'd get her checked out BEFORE she gets to that emergency state like mine did. If you catch it early and treat it (it's not cureable, but manageable) the cat can have years of quality life left, since the disease progresses slowly. A friend of mine has a cat going on 3 years since diagnosis and still doing very well. My girl is nearing a year after diagnosis. You'll incur vet bills at first for the diagnosis, but once a treatment regimen is figured out, it's inexpensive. It usually involves giving the cat fluids subqutaneously at home, usually every other day, but the frequency depends on what the cat needs. With a prescription, I get an 8 months supply of the fluids for about $15. Pepcid AC to help control the excess stomach acid (which causes the barfing) also (a bottle lasts forever since you only give the cat 1/4 of a pill at a time) and often miralax (yeah, for people) to solve the constipation. Again, one bottle lasts forever. There is prescription food for it that is low in phosphorus, but opinions vary on wether it's actually good or necessary. So, it's really not too bad money wise to treat. Sometimes frustrating, but not expensive once you get past the initial vet visits. She goes back every 6 months to have bloodwork done again to see how she's doing. Here are websites about CRF if you want to check it out to see if you think this might be it: www.felinecrf.com www.felinecrf.org/index.htm and an awesome support group for it, filled with other CRF cat owners who have a wealth of knowledge pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/Feline-CRF...
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Cameo Cameo
I had a cat that had that same problem. It sometimes happens with age. He didn't drink alot of water as he aged . My vet said to try a little olive oil . So I put a little , about a teaspoon , on a small plate and he would lick it off . If that doesn't work try a little on his food . Maybe try this every couple of days , it won't hurt him to digest this . PLEASE do not let this go unfixed , he can be in severe pain . At age 15 my cat had surgery because his gallbladder was dividing , don't know if that stemmed from his ongoing constpation or due to age . It cost me 1800.00 dollars with all the tests and surgery , but I would do it again if needed . My cat passed about a year later . PLEASE see your vet !!!
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Alyssa Alyssa
At 15 years of age, she needs a full blood test and urinalysis. Your cat may have some kidney problems. This can cause constipation in addition to urination problems. If an infection is present. the vet will give antibiotics. Don't wait, get her in tomorrow.
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Vince Vince
I would just keep a close eye on her, i think it will pass eventually but if it continues more frequently then its always safe to check
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Vince Originally Answered: serious constipation or worse?
travellers commonly get things like this when they travel places their body isnt used to. environment can play a big role in how you feel and if you arnt used to the climate and other things pissibly in the air you can get a little sick. when my brother went to japan he experienced something similar. eventually it all came out and he was fine =]

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