Vaccinations are not required for children to go to school!?

Vaccinations are not required for children to go to school!? Topic: Vaccinations are not required for children to go to school!?
January 22, 2020 / By Josette
Question: Why it is that people think that children must be vaccinated to enter school? All 50 states have waiver forms for either religious, medical, or philosophical reasons. If a waiver form is signed then children do not need the immunizations, and the school cannot say anything that would keep the child from going to school!!!!! You might want to check the ingredients of the vaccinations before you give them to your child. Many have formaldehyde, lead, mercury, and other toxic poisons. Also, most vaccinations are made from aborted fetal cells. Just because you vaccinate your child, it does not mean that they will not get that disease. I know someone who was vaccinated for Meningitis and died from Meningitis. I would rather take my chance without them, then to get cancer from all the poisons in vaccinations.
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Best Answers: Vaccinations are not required for children to go to school!?

Georgine Georgine | 2 days ago
The best thing you can do for your child is boost their natural immunity. The healthier the child the more their immune system will fight off disease. Or you can inject them with some toxins(that is the easier way). Our 4 year old son is healthier then his vaccinated friends. They are always suffering from colds, ear infections, asthma the list goes on. He attends public school with no issues. The sad part is that the majority of people are brainwashed into thinking these are a necessity. It is like sheep being herded through a field........
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Delphia Delphia
You are misinformed about vaccinations generally. When is the last time you met someone with polio?? Huh??? Do some research, and don't believe the hype.
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Caetlin Caetlin
Thank you for the information. I will continue to make my own educated decision based on actual facts. Good luck with that.
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Almah Almah
your kids are about a million times more likely to die in the car you drive them in than from any vaccine with any ingredient that you want to name old cemeteries are filled with dead children - they died of things that we vaccinate for today - I bet their mothers would have died for the opportunity to have just one of their children vaccinated name one epidemic that has swept through the US recently and killed, maimed, and crippled kids - I can't think of any either - THANK YOU vaccines!!!!! but it doesn't really matter if you get your kids vaccinated because they are protected, more or less, by my children and the others that are vaccinated - enjoy your children's health - it's on the house!!!
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Val Val
Agrees with Precious. So you would rather have your child die from Meningitis or something? They are exposed to lead, mercury, etc everyday. Tuna has mercury in it. Lead is found in paints, toys, etc. I guess your kids will be living in bubbles huh?
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