Is my hamster dying? Please help.?

Is my hamster dying? Please help.? Topic: Is my hamster dying? Please help.?
October 18, 2019 / By Jocelyn
Question: We have had my hamster for 2 years exactly (we got him June 9th 2007). We just noticed he's laying in his cage in the bedding. He's breathing, but slowly. When I reached in to pet him, he didn't respond.. He's just laying there. We tried tapping on the cage and shaking his food bowl, but he's still just laying there. Theres no vet open, so I wasn't sure if the end was near for him.. = (
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Gaby Gaby | 9 days ago
Just let him be and don't disturb him so he can go peacfully. I would recommend staying in the room so he knows he's not alone, but he would probably prefer not being talked to or petted unless you and your hamster had a particularly close bond. He's lived a long life, so now all you can do for him is be there for him, but let him go when it's his time. I'm so sorry for your loss... I know that they are so small and most people think it's odd to feel really strong emotions for a hamster, but it's always hard to lose them. I hope he has a peaceful passing and I hope you don't take it too hard. Good luck.
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some mother cats are very scared of humans and might not even be around their kittens if a human is near them. Chances are the mother cat was probably hiding around waiting for you to leave but since u took the kitten U MUST TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY OF THEM. are they really young either way i would advise get an appointment with the vet asap and get them there first shots.

Day Day
You will not need a vet. Your hamster has lived a full life. They very often do not even reach two years old. Let it lay peacefully and quietly. And it will pass. You have done your job. You have given him a loving home. My condolences. I have owned 5 hamsters most of them died before 2 years. This is their natural life spam.
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Brianna Brianna
Please do never attempt to mate a hamster. There are literally thousands and thousands of undesirable ones accessible interior the worldwide and merely because of the fact somebody thinks this is cool to observe it does not warrant you the perfect suited to make a collection of animals go through. If this is the only reason your questioning approximately getting them then do no longer. Your needless to say no longer to blame sufficient to preserve them. As i've got suggested in the previous; hamsters are not toys. they are no longer play issues on your leisure. they are animals and deserve the comparable appreciate as your cat or dogs and in case your keen to reproduce a hamster bypass forward and breed your cat or dogs. Oh wait; it grew to become into in all threat neutered so as that it may no longer to stay away from a flood of undesirable animals into the worldwide. do never ever ever ever ever attempt to reproduce an animal. you may go away that to the approved specialists. this is why they are approved and for this reason they are specialists. because of the fact thay be attentive to the thank you to preserve them and that they'd discover residences for them in the previous they have even been born. in case you haven't any longer even owned a hamster yet then you definately shouldn't. And if the 1st ingredient your going to ask is approximately no rely if or no longer they're going to kill one yet another while they breed then you definately could on no account get one.
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Alexis Alexis
RIP little guy the average life span of a hamster is only 2 years, it's the sad truth, your hamster probably has a very minor virus or it's just nature taking its course. Let him die peacefully and comfortably, make sure he's still tkaing in water has a soft little bed and is nice and warm. Who cares if he's dying, still try and keep his little heart beating as long as possible :)
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Tylar Tylar
Feel your hamster, if you can. If he feels cold or stiff, he is dying. I am so sorry, but 2 years is the life expectancy of a hamster. RIP your hamster.
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Rickie Rickie
2 years is old . Just try to keep him clean and make sure he can get water and food . If he isnt active you can fold a paper towel for bedding.
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Merlyn Merlyn
Your hamster is now old. Just wait when he decide to go. I'm not recommending euthanasia. Just wait. He will decide.
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Jophiel Jophiel
probally,sorry 2 years is a great bonding time,its his time to go let him go peacfully,no vet let him go....
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