5month old constipated.pl help?

5month old constipated.pl help? Topic: 5month old constipated.pl help?
November 22, 2019 / By Grace
Question: how much prune juice can i give my 5month old baby for constipation. can I mix it with formula??? thanks
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Devnet Devnet | 6 days ago
It doesn't take a whole lot of prune juice to loosen bowels in a very small baby. My son was constipated and this is what the paediatrician told me: Replace one of his regular feeding bottles a day with a bottle of sterilized water (can be served warm if that's his preference.) with a half teaspoon of brown sugar dissolved in it. The reason for the brown sugar is that it's unrefined (like brown rice) and acts like bran in the bowels by drawing water to the compacted stool, making it softer and easier to poop out!! Other things you can do in the meantime are: When changing his diaper, "bicycle" his legs for a couple of minutes. VERY GENTLY massage his abdomen 3 to 4 finger widths below his bellybutton. Also, it was the iron in my son's formula that constipated him, and when I switched to an iron-free brand, he got relief within 2 days. Best of luck and don't worry, IT WILL COME OUT!!
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Devnet Originally Answered: Is my dog constipated.or is it something else?
Is she drinking enough water? Whenever the body starts to get depleted of fluids, it starts trying to conserve it and will, thus, send less of it into the intestines to mix with the feces and make it soft. If she isnt drinking much, try giving her low-sodium broth (chicken or beef). If she'll drink that, it will be sufficient enough water for now. Also, as someone already suggested, give her a couple tablespoons of mineral oil by mouth (good luck!) and, if you have an eye dropper, GENTLY give her an eye dropper full of mineral oil up her rear end. The "skin tenting test", where you pinch the skin on her shoulders to see if it springs back, is NOT an accurate (or even near-accurate) way to test for dehydration. Only blood work can verify that. By the time the skin no longer springs back, the dog is severely dehydrated. As for the pumpkin, keep trying it but if it isnt working, go to plan B. Try the mineral oil. Do not give her any bowel stimulants. Since she's already trying to pass bricks, stimulating her bowels to do it faster will only make it worse. Stool softeners only!!

Candida Candida
First why do you think your child is constipated? Is it b/c they haven't had a bowel movement in a couple days or is it b/c they are acting like their tummies hurt and they haven't? If they haven't had one but aren't fussy they aren't constipated, they just don't go as often as adults. Also changing a babies diet can change the frequency. Now if the baby is fussy and hasn't gone, the first thing you can try is take the baby temp using a rectal thermometer. This will cause the bowels to move alot of times. More water in the babies diet IF they are on baby food is also good, juices can also help. They do also have an infant stool softener suppository at the store, works great, you only need a piece of one but if that is the problem it will make them go in no time. HTH
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Amber Amber
Karo Syrup.....I don't know why bajinnoly got a thumbs down I was always told NEVER to give my children prune juice and 5 months... Put a teaspoon of Karo in milk. They will use the bathroom. If you are unsure you need to call your Doctor I wouldn't give a child of 5 months prune juice. Never heard of that.
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Wally Wally
It will work itself out without giving prune juice. You should consider Gripe Water to deal with gas buildup in the belly. It's available at health food stores or online. It's expensive, but it worked very well for us, and lasts a long time.
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Rudy Rudy
I just had this problem yesterday with my daughter. She was so bad that she was screaming when she would try to poop. My doctor said to put a Tsp. of dark brown sugar in her bottle. And in a couple hours she finally got it out and the rest was soft. My poor little baby. I hope that your baby is not in as much pain as mine was. Good Luck.
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Rudy Originally Answered: I've been getting really constipated, and I don't know how to get rid of it. what should I do?
First, make sure you are eating a diet high in fiber. If you can't get enough fiber in the food, get a fiber supplement. Benefiber is good...it's tasteless and you can put it in a liquid or food. Second, be sure you are drinking enough water. I assume that since this is in the newborn & baby section that you are either pregnant or just had the baby, which means you're probably taking prenatal vitamins. Those can cause constipation. Talk to your doctor about taking Miralax. It's a NON-stimulant laxative so it won't cause gas or cramping, and it's very safe. It has no taste, and dissolves completely in liquid.

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