Is sweating good if one wants to gain weight and gain body mass?

Is sweating good if one wants to gain weight and gain body mass? Topic: Is sweating good if one wants to gain weight and gain body mass?
September 19, 2019 / By Beatrice
Question: I've been working out since about an year and the results are awsome. I have a perfeclty toned and shaped body. Usually people who need to lose weight try to workout so as to sweat alot. I dont have much fat, close to none ( lol ) .So what I want to know that is sweating good for someone who wants to gain weight and body mass??
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Adelyna Adelyna | 5 days ago
Sweating is perfectly normal for everybody. It's one of your body's natural mechanism of eliminating excess salt and some toxins. Just be sure that you replace the water lost by sweat by drinking 3-4 litres of pure water each day (coffee, tea, soda, juice, or anything at all that has flavour or colour don't count). Always have a water bottle with you and discipline yourself to take sips every half hour or so. If you want to gain weight, then consume complex carbohydrates a little bit more generously (don't overdo it though), protein, and vitamin B Complex. And get a trainer to show you what workout routines are best for you. (You seem to have that already, eh?) Complex carbohydrates: carbs that are attached to some fibre- and vitamin-rich elements, e.g. fruit, wholegrain bread/flour, brown rice, rye bread, oatmeal, corn, fresh pasta made from wholemeal, potato with skin (not fried). The opposite of complex carbohydrate is processed or "white" carbohydrates, which you should avoid, e.g. white rice, glucose, dry pasta, instant noodles, white bread, sugar, french fries, potato without skin. Complex carbs are recognised by your insulin and absorbed to nourish your cells, therefore giving you energy. White carbs are rejected by your insulin, fails to feed your cells, get stored up as fats, and are prone to be oxidised by free radicals to create long-term problems like cancer and heart disease. I know your objective is to gain weight, but certainly you don't want to be always tired, shapeless, flabby, and full of toxins. So in any case, stick to complex carbs. Protein: these are the main ingredients for your muscle. Your best protein source is animal protein, especially fatty deep-sea fish (salmon is the best, tuna is good too) and fresh cow's milk. Other good sources for protein are chicken/white meat, eggs, legumes, yogurt, and soya. Eat 3-5 servings of protein per day, 1 serving being equal to meat or tofu about the size of your fist. If you want to learn how to use protein to your body's maximum advantage, the best thing to do is a Jewish person about a kosher eating pattern; or at least a Muslim about hallal. Fat: good fats come from deep sea fish, extra virgin olive oil, avocado, and fresh milk. Dark semi-sweet chocolate is good for you as long as you don't overdo it (no, I'm not talking about Kit Kat or Snickers... or some sugary a la creme from Godiva). Avoid fats from fried food, processed food, and meat fat/skin. Good fats feed your cells, enhance your muscles, and takes care of your organs. Bad fats make you flabby and drains your energy. Eat 6 times a day: 3 meals and 3 snacks. -Breakfast: be generous on complex carbs and protein, have 2 servings of fruit -Morning snack: protein, fruit, and a bit of carb if you like. drink milk. -Lunch: a reasonable amount of complex carbs and protein (not as much as morning), fruits and vegetable in abundance. -Afternoon snack: same as morning snack. milk. -Dinner: same as lunch, but halve the quantity. -Before bed: no carbs. protein and fruit. milk. So no, don't worry about sweating. Just adjust your eating pattern to the above and you will be completely fine.
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Adelyna Originally Answered: How much body fat % do you need to gain maximum muscle mass?
they eat more calories then they burn to gain weight. resulting in a very lil bit of fat gain depending on how many more cals you eat then you burn. eat 500cals more then you burn. if you gain to much fat, then reduce to eating 100cals more then you burn. if your not gaining weight, then eat 1000cals more then you burn. when it's right, you'll probally notice a very slight fat increase, it shouldnt be a large fat increase. warm up 5+min, strech 5+min, high intensity workout (cardio and/or strength training) for 2+hour, strech 1+hour. cardio= running, or any exersize that causes you to become out of breath. strength training= exersize that causes muscle pain. reps= the # of each time you go up and down from a exersize. high insentisy and less reps is best compared to medium intenstiy and more reps. set= an exersize done until failure. exersize= one particular exersize. failure= phsycially can not do another rep. always do an exersize until failure. muscle soreness= muscle pain that happens the day after your workout, can last a day to a week, sometimes more depending how hard you worked. if your muscles arnt sore the next day after your workout then make your workout harder. recovery= the time during your muscle soreness that you dont do more then light exersize, so your muscles can recover and grow. Light exersize=walking, cooking, cleaning. its good to have muscle soreness, during the time you have muscle soreness, dont do more then light exersizes. once your muscle soreness has gone away, then do your high intensity workout. particular muscles may be sore and other may not be, you can workout the muscles that arnt sore, but wait to do more then light exersizes to the sore muscles until the soreness has gone. daily eat as much as you can even when your not hungry. eat 2500+cals a day. eat healthy varieites of fruits, veggies, grains(not white grains), meats, dairy, raw nuts. 6+meals a day, 3 hours apart. eat 1+gram protein times your body weight. so if you weigh 100lbs, you eat 100+grams protein daily. drink 2+cups water per hour. sleep8+hours.

Teigue Teigue
I believe you must figure out and ultimately you can reap muscle. Don't do alot of aerobic on the grounds that you have a tendency to drop extra pounds with strolling, strolling, and so forth. And consume alot. It does not ought to be junk meals or whatever on the grounds that that stuff is solely bad. I'm genetically skinny and it has taken me two years to reap five lbs. Incredible proper? I do not quite find it irresistible both, however i have discovered to receive myself already. Patience is well too. Don't attempt to reap weight like in two weeks on the grounds that it by and large would possibly not occur and you can simply make your self ill for those who consume alot. My pal who's obviously thin went on a McDonalds vitamin for a million month and received 8lbs. I would not dare do this on the grounds that she's now style of complaining approximately heartburns and has problem respiring. I'm additionally vegan so I attempt to reap weight with peanut butter sandwiches. I received 5lbs in two years consuming four peanut butter sandwiches an afternoon and the extra stuff I most commonly consume. Good good fortune.
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Phil Phil
No matter if you are toning, losing weight, gaining weight, whatever, you need to sweat, it's your body's way of keeping your body's temperature at a normal temp. I just started migraine meds and one of the side affects is non-sweating, and it said, if exercising or whatever and get too hot, and start turning red to sit down, because, you could have a stroke, ect...you need to sweat...it's just part of our body's way of keeping us to a normal temperature. And congratulations on the toning...I've lost 50lbs, but, really need to tone-up...wouldn't mind some advice, if you have time to email me..but, yes, sweat, sweat, sweat...and drink alot of fluids.
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Mace Mace
This is the same technique I have taught over 138,000 men and women in 157 countries to successfully treat their excessive sweating condition over the past 7 years! Remember: Watch the whole video, as the ending will pleasantly surprise you�
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Mace Originally Answered: How much body fat % do you need to gain maximum muscle mass?
It's not abnormal for a bodybuilder to be at 16 or 17% bf while bulking. That's not healthy though - and makes the process of getting cut up a LOT harder when it comes time. I'd stay at the 10% (def don't go above 12). You start to look fat instead of muscular. Having a low body fat percentage creates the illusion of being bigger.

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