Taking Laxatives before a meal will help me lose weight?

Taking Laxatives before a meal will help me lose weight? Topic: Taking Laxatives before a meal will help me lose weight?
October 14, 2019 / By Elyse
Question: i want to know when to take the laxatives to help me lose weight. i dont care what the dangers are. i need to lose weight and this is my only option. so no stupid answers, how fast will i lose weight using laxatives????
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Best Answers: Taking Laxatives before a meal will help me lose weight?

Christiana Christiana | 5 days ago
Yes, and it will KILL YOU AS WELL!!! As you will become dehydrated, and weak your body will consume your muscles instead of fat
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Christiana Originally Answered: I have been taking laxatives for a couple months now for weight loss?
I actually chronically constipated and have used everything over the sun for years. Your colon will start to not be able to poop on it's own and become dependent on laxatives. I dont even think you are losing any fat by doing what you are doing, you are just losing water weight. Basically dehydrating yourself and losing vitamins. If you want to lose your fat you need to change your diet choice and exercise.

Avalina Avalina
go lean with bean protein beans are an affordable and healthy alternative to meats and are wonderfully filling
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Abbye Abbye
this constitutes as bulimia and you will ruin your health if you continue to do this. this is not your only option, you could also exercise and try to eat healthier.
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Stephanas Stephanas
I know you don't want to hear about the dangers, but please hear me out. The abuse of captives can cause you to lose control of your bowels (Bowel Incontinence)! Meaning that you'll have no control over when you use the restroom, it'll just happen whenever! You'll have to take medication or worse: "SURGERY People who have bowel incontinence despite medical treatment may need surgery to correct the problem. Several different options exist. The choice of which type of surgery will be based on the cause of the bowel incontinence and the person's general health. RECTAL SPHINCTER REPAIR Sphincter repair is performed on people who have a rectal sphincter (muscle ring) that isn't working well as a result of injury or aging. The procedure consists of re-attaching the rectal muscles to tighten the sphincter and increase the capacity of the anus. GRACILIS MUSCLE TRANSPLANT In people with loss of nerve function within the rectal sphincter, gracilis muscle transplants have been performed to restore bowel control. The gracilis muscle is taken from the inner thigh and is used to encircle the sphincter, thus providing sphincter muscle tone. ARTIFICIAL BOWEL SPHINCTER Some patients may be treated with an artificial bowel sphincter. The artificial sphincter consists of three parts: a cuff that fits around the anus, a pressure regulating balloon, and a pump that inflates the cuff. The artificial sphincter is surgically implanted around the rectal sphincter. The cuff remains inflated to maintain continence. The person has a bowel movement by deflating the cuff. The cuff will automatically re-inflate in 10 minutes. FECAL DIVERSION Sometimes a fecal diversion is performed for people who cannot benefit from other therapies. The large intestine is directed to an opening in the abdominal wall. Stool passes through this opening to a special bag, called an appliance. The person will always need to wear an appliance to collect the stool." So, please consider finding a healthier way to lose weight!
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Stephanas Originally Answered: Should I still go to school after taking 10 laxatives?
Better not unless you don't plan on eating at school. The second you eat the peristalsis will start and you will have major issues. Even if you don't eat it could kick in at anytime. Never know if it will be in the teacher's class that never lets people go. " You should have done that during break!" Lol Why 10? You could even pass out, or have MAJOR cramping. Good luck. Stay home.

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