Can vitamin E , and Ginkgo Billoba be taken at the same time?

Can vitamin E , and Ginkgo Billoba be taken at the same time? Topic: Can vitamin E , and Ginkgo Billoba be taken at the same time?
June 19, 2019 / By Bea
Question: WIZ23:---Not to worry. I don't intend to experiment on my own eyes, and I'm already taking bilberry. Both your answers were excellent. However, I believe that the suggestion of using cayenne pepper was a good one. It may be my imagination, but my vision seems to have slightly improved since I started sipping the cayenne and water. I'm already careful about goldenseal.
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Adelle Adelle | 3 days ago
First I want to let you know that in the best answer you chose for eye health the eyebright formula in that link IS NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU! The guy makes a HUGE mistake! He laso left out bilberry that's better than the eyebright herb. The danger is that goldenseal is for only short term use and it flushed out too many nutrients. It's only good to use for about 10 days. FYI it's also not good for anyone that has an auto immune disorder.The formula I gave you is much safer and more effective. Now to this answer. Vitamin E and Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin E both thin blood and you can take them together unless you are on blood thinners. If you are on blood thinners I wouldn't take ginkgo and ask your doc about the E. Now Vitamin E in my opinion isn't good in supplemental form unless you find it with gamma toccoferol as well as the alpha and others. There seams to be a problem with Vitamin E supplements because they haven't contained Gamma E. This has increased health risks for cancer and other problems. Taking extra virgin olive oil has E in it's natural state including Gamma. Good luck and wriet me any time. I know you don't except e-mail so ask me any question in any of my other posts if you want. To Katie: Do you realize that the eyebright formula IS NOT GOOD? You should know that goldenseal is not for every day use. Also you don't need to make everything into a tincture! The natural herb can be used very effectively as wel Also how does he leave out bilberry and spirulina in his eyebright formula? This product is really a joke!
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Adelle Originally Answered: Without supplements, where did early vegans get their vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, and iron?
B12 as far as I know is the only nutrient that must be obtained through fortification or supplementation on a vegan diet. Vitamin D, however, is found in mushrooms, Calcium in soy, Iron in MANY MANY foods, including lentils, leafy vegetables, and peas. Actually, Torx, "vegetarian" USED TO mean what "vegan" does today- until people started eating animal products and calling themselves "vegetarian", leading to Donald Watson coining the term "vegan".
Adelle Originally Answered: Without supplements, where did early vegans get their vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, and iron?
Plants contain Vitamin D, calcium and iron naturally. B12 was prob actually higher then in non supplemented vegans than now because of the fertilization methods which carried B12 to them. Farmer puts manure on veggies. Fresh organic veggies picked, rinsed and cooked but left traces of the B12.

Teddy Teddy
yes, be sure to use organic ginkgo biloba or wild crafted or pick the leaves yourself from the ginkgo tree in the fall and make a tincture as I showed how in my last answer which would be wildcrafted as it is picked in the wilds (don't pick if close to a street due to car emissions) also please see the additional comments on your circulation to the eye question. I made an error and added more info for you. as far as herbs, think of them like foods, they are ok to mix and not like drugs in that sense or anything. If the supplements you use are natural and not synthetic also safe and think of as food when mixing. If two formulas have very different uses, you could separate by an hour or so..at least 15 minutes apart if separating them. the only exception would be if one herb say calmed you down and another picked you up or one lowered blood pressure and another raised it, you would not take these together as they would cancel each other out I highly recommend the website curezone.com to you..it is fabulous and so helpful. best of luck with your eye..that formula is a good one and his herbs are the best on the market I feel..attack it from the eyes and also from the bloodstream with ginger, cayenne and raw garlic. do all the suggestions together for best results according to Schulze who makes the formula (couldn't email you this ino I am afraid so here it is)
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Phelan Phelan
Absolutely. No problem. Ginkgo Biloba interferes with antidepressants, diuretics, anticoagulants mostly, but not with any vitamin. All the best to you! Lisa J
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Phelan Originally Answered: Does vitamin b6 boost your metabolism?
Technically, yes, vitamin B6 does help metabolism, but the answer is much more complex than that. First of all, metabolism is the net product of two general processes, anabolism (the synthesis of organic molecules) and catabolism (the break down of organic molecules). In this sense, vitamin B6 has a very important place as a cofactor for a couple of important enzymatic reactions within metabolism. The full explanation for the exact enzymes and vitamin B6's role can be found in any general biochemistry textbook. In terms of general human metabolism, vitamin B6 is an important vitamin and is found in everyday foods. However, it is not something that will "speed up" metabolism and help someone lose weight or anything like that. You'll really only see any benefit if you are already deficient in B6. If you aren't then it wont do you a whole lot of good, if any at all. Raw fruits/vegetables contain the most B6-- getting it from the source is the best place (absorbs easier in the body). Cooked/canned fruits & veggies will lose approximately 80% of their B6 nutrients.

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