A good "same day bowl movement" laxative?

A good "same day bowl movement" laxative? Topic: A good "same day bowl movement" laxative?
September 23, 2019 / By Abrianna
Question: I'd like to use laxatives in my "eating habits" I eat under 200 calories a day, I also want to use diet pills. I do take other medications daily, 1 Cymbalta 60 mg, 2 Ic Propranolol 20 mg, and 1 Ic Lamotrigine (Lamictal) 200 mg. What is a good laxative that will make me "potty" the same day I take it? Also a type that wont interfere with my other medications.
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Syd Syd | 7 days ago
Drink more water. No axative can remove what isn't there and since you only eat 200 Cals a day, there isn't much there to remove. It's gotta go in to come out.
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Syd Originally Answered: Bowl movement Question!?
It's very possibly a sign that the time is near! Days before I gave birth to my daughter, I was having bm's every few hours. My dr said its the body's way of emptying itself and readying for delivery. Congrats!
Syd Originally Answered: Bowl movement Question!?
You will have to have a well bowel motion a minimum of every day. Sounds such as you should not have ample fibre on your nutrition, broaden it. Drinking adequate water every day additionally is helping with bowel activities, two.five litres an afternoon aside from diuretics (tea, espresso, coke and so on). Think approximately how so much you're putting in place your frame and what sort of is popping out, does it harm while you cross? As for are you agony from any wellbeing disorders, is determined by your age and the way lengthy this hasd been occurring. If younger simply kind out your nutrition, extra recent fruit and greens and no more processed meals and meat, and you can be nice. If older, see Dr and suppose approximately including colonic irrigation to the recommendation. Good good fortune

Paul Paul
If you want to have bowel movements daily, you need to eat daily. 200 calories is not enough to sustain you. It seems from your meds that you have other psych issues, so maybe take this up with your psych doctor. You WILL die if you continue to starve yourself. Please seek help.
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Lorne Lorne
This is retarded, unless you weigh 300 pounds there's no reason for you to do this, if u excercise and eat properly you will discover you will become even healthier than the shet way of loosing weight you described
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Lorne Originally Answered: Is White Castles in the slightest way good for you since it acts like a laxative?
No. A diet of White Castle "food" would be fatal. Nothing about it is good for you. That's what yourbody is trying to tell you when it's anxious to get rid of it.

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