Severe constipation for 9 days, help?

Severe constipation for 9 days, help? Topic: Severe constipation for 9 days, help?
September 23, 2019 / By Celestine
Question: I have only gone to the bathroom maybe three times in 9 days and I normally go 5-6x daily. Went to the ER yesterday and they gave me magnisium citrate and only went once, but not with ease. They told me I am backed up and it is partially in my small intestine. Went to my primary doctor today and she gave me a suppository and I have only been able to go once as well. I am extremely bloated, my body is sore all over (especially in the flank area), I can not eat, feel weak, dizzy/light headed and nauseous. Should I go back to the ER tomorrow if I am still unable to go or give it a few more days? I overall feel horrible, joints are very sore and it's sometimes hard to walk. Serious answers only please ! Thank You.
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Annitra Annitra | 4 days ago
WHAT? You normally go 5 to 6 times a day? I had a rabbit who didn't go that often. Perhaps your body has a problem regulating the digestive tract. If you start taking laxatives to fix this you will find you will create your own constipation. Every 3 days is a bit long; so, I would suggest adding a fiber supplement to your diet and perhaps Activia.
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Yancey Yancey
Continue to take Magnesium Citrate but 600mg daily. Drink allot of water like 2oz for every pound of body weight. Eat 7 prunes and drink 3 glasses of prune juice. Take a long vigorous walk. Tomorrow morning drink two big cups of strong black coffee. Your there, 2 cm dilated.
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Shell Shell
Give yourself an enema, clear that problem right up. Everything is better when you shoot water up your a*s
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Shell Originally Answered: What do you do if you have severe constipation?
Have you been back to the doctor? If yes, & he/she stills says the same, change doctors. A dietician can help - make enquiries via your local hospital about a dieticians clinic. Generally eating a diet high in both soluble & insoluble fibre as well as drinking plenty of water should do it. There are some medical conditions that cause unrelenting constipation hence why I say change doctors & see a dietician. You should aim to eat 2 serves fruit, 5 serves vegetables & wholegrain cereals. Oats are a good source of fibre & are low GI. Using a senna preparation can help but it has been known to irritate the lining of the bowel. Taking a dose of Cod liver oil daily is a purgative as well as giving you an important dose of Omega 3 although it can taste yucky. Most importantly - go back to your doctor or find a new one because untreated or poorly cared for constipation can lead to haemaroids. Good luck.

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