high metabolism?

high metabolism? Topic: high metabolism?
November 14, 2019 / By Callie
Question: i have really high metabolism and i wanted gain some weight so i could look descent and not like a starving child. i eat ALOT of food like bread, pasta, and a whole bunch of fatty junk food. and it still doesnt work! soo what other food products can i eat to help gain some weight.
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Alysha Alysha | 6 days ago
Hi, I gather you must have a very high metabolism rate, therefore you need to eat healthy, not junk-food. My best advice for you is: Drink a lot of milk, it's good for you and it will help to gain some weight. Eat food with a lot of protein. Meat and nuts are excellent. Keep eating pasta and potatoes. And build muscles, it will help you with you body shape. Hope it helps!
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Alysha Originally Answered: how to change from a low metabolism to a high metabolism?
You can't change low metabolism to high metabolism I guess if not mistaken it's a factor of genetics but you can help increase your metabolism with what you eat, how you eat, exercise, how you exercise, and muscle mass. Here is a fairly comprehensive response I replied to earlier: " Have regular cardio exercise daily to increase your metabolism. Your metabolism will stay higher than normal even after your exercise. Additionally also work on some weights. Weights burns about 90% more calories than fat thus it might be good to take up the dumb bells, push ups, sit ups and crunches especially if you want abs. But remember not to over do it or injure your self also allow a day rest about 24-36 hours for your muscle to rebuild that is actually how it gets bigger. Another thing is sleep as sleep is important for regular body function including your metabolism and rebuilding your muscle. Don't forget about your food. Eat often but small sizes. You should be eating about 3 meals and 2 snacks so your body doesn't go into starvation mode to store calories. It's important to have a good breakfast to jumpstart your day and your metabolism. You should probably get some good fiber in the morning such as oats. Also grapefruit or greentea might be a nice start to the day as it also helps with the weight management and so much more. Eat the majority of your calories in your breakfast and less through out the day. You also need a whole lot of protein and fiber as those take a lot of calories to burn or digest thus not only helping with your weight gain but protein is also good for muscle growth and fiber good for cleansing your body. It's also important not to overdo things. All the Best and please do update on how you go. Abs are known to be one of the hardest since a little bit of fat and it's barely visible so just keep at it and don't get discourage."
Alysha Originally Answered: how to change from a low metabolism to a high metabolism?
erm well as a child i had a slow metabolism just from family genes. What helps is eating grape fruit and green tea. These speed up your metabolism. You could try those pills but idk if they work. And also exercise vigorously before meals and whenever you can :) that way ur metabolism will be high when u eat and when that happens. u burn off the stuff u eat faster. And the treadmill thing is really good. I suggest doing it in the morning BEFORE breakfast that way u can have a fast metabolism for the rest of the day. Like i said. try to include grapefruit or greentea in at least 2-3 of ur meals out of the 4-6 ur doing. Eating that many meals does help too. u have a great start GOOD LUCK.. im on a weight loss journey too and am attempting a high metabolism ( something i dont have lol )

Vick Vick
Hey, honey, don't eat all the fattening foods just for the sake of gaining weight! You're courting trouble because thoguh your weight won't increase, the fat in your body increases your health risks like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes, in your later years...... Gain weight wisely and healthily. Here's how: 1. Eat nutrient-dense foods high in fiber, vitamins & minerals, good fat (avoid trans fat & saturated fat), protein, carbohydrates (complex carbs) 2. Add more protein to your diet as it's the building block for building up your muscle 3. Do weights to promote muscle growth. As muscle is denser than fat, you'll weigh more Here's how to do effective weight training: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/build... 4. Increase your calories gradually, say 500 extra calories per day, for a period of 1 -2 weeks. If the weight still's the same, increase to 750 calories per day. Keep adding on calories until you see weight gain 5. Spread out your meals and calories into 5-6 intakes throughout the day For more info on how to gain weight healthily, go to: http://www.perfect-body-toning.com/how-t...
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Rowan Rowan
Eat more fattening foods might help. Also, start working out. It will give you some muscle, and you may fill out better.
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Rowan Originally Answered: Do I have a high metabolism?
Yes, it may be a cause of high metabolism. But also your activity may have kept an effect. The more you exercise or movement the more your weight loss. But the weight you have mentioned is not so bad. It is better then overweight. However, if you want to control your stomach and your digestion then I personally suggest you to do an exercise called stomach controlling exercise. This is an alternative hypnosis procedure which will help you to reduce eating if you are obese enough and increase eating habit if you are lean and thin person. Best of luck.

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