What is there to do in San antonio? and How can I get discounted Fiesta Texas Tickets?

What is there to do in San antonio? and How can I get discounted Fiesta Texas Tickets? Topic: What is there to do in San antonio? and How can I get discounted Fiesta Texas Tickets?
June 19, 2019 / By Basemath
Question: I am planning a vacation to San Antonio. It looks like tickets to Fiesta Texas are 39.99, but obviously I would like to pay less than that. Also are there any other cool attractions that anyone can reccomend?
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Adelia Adelia | 9 days ago
If you take in a coke can from San Antonio, they usually have a coupon on them for $10 off. Also, you can buy discounted tickets at a Valero gas station. I worked at Fiesta Texas for 5 years. The cheapest tickets can be found at Valero corner stores. Some other things to do in San Antonio is visit the Wax Museum, Guinness World Records, and Ripley’s believe it or not down town. There is also a comedy club down town in the River Center Mall. On Saturday at midnight they have a free adult show. It is really good. The River walk is fun at night. It has a ton of restaurants and interesting people. You can also visit the famous Alamo. It is interesting to see once, but it isn't as great as the movies play it up to be. There are five other missions in San Antonio which are better. The San Antonio Art Museum down town is really good. There is the usual stuff like bowling, watching movies, and drinking. There are some great bars and clubs also. There is also Sea World which is about 15 minutes from Fiesta Texas. Try not to go to Fiesta Texas on a weekend because it can get so busy it’s irritating. There is a place called Malibu Castle which has batting cages, mini golf, bumper boats, and an arcade. If you are interesting in hiking then Frederick’s Park is awesome. It is off I-10 in SA. It has all levels of hiking.
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Adelia Originally Answered: I am going to San Antonio Texas?
Go to Chris Madrid's for an awesome burger and fries! I am vegetarian and that's one of the only things that I miss. There's a large variety of burgers. Try something a little different. You won't be disappointed! I still go back for their fries! They are fresh cut and delicious! It's a funky little place in an older neighborhood. Some people complain about the location, but if you live in the real world it is just fine. http://www.chrismadrids.com/ You could also go to The Magic TIme Machine. It's definitely different and might be cheesy to you, but I think it's a cute, fun place. You walk in and it's like you walked into a storybook. All of the staff are dressed in costumes and they mess around with you and joke with you. The food is decent (my husband and I are rather picky), but you really go there for the atmosphere. If you are of drinking age, try their smoking drinks. Strong and fun! http://www.magictimemachine.com/ I'm generally not a fan of Hard Rock Cafes, but the one in San Antonio usually has a good crowd. The Riverwalk location can't be beat. If you want to dine at a nicer restaurant, head to the Riverwalk and go to Boudros. Sit on the patio, right on the Riverwalk, and enjoy some wonderful food. Go during lunch and get much better pricing for the same quality food. We always get the tortilla chips and salsa for $1.75. They're delicious. They keep refilling the bowl too. Last time we went during dinner and just got a few appetizers. Our favorite was the wild mushrooms with polenta and goat cheese. Yum! http://www.boudros.com/boudros/ Last, but not least - We enjoyed dining at The Guenther House. It's a wonderful place to go for brunch and they have some awesome baked goods as well. It's at a historical location and the atmosphere is wonderful. A very relaxing start to the day. http://www.guentherhouse.com/Main.aspx Have fun! I love San Antonio. My husband and I have been going since we were in high school and all of these places we found when we were young and continue coming back.

Taylor Taylor
Obviously the Alamo is a great place to spend some time. If you want some leisure time, check out the River Walk. Basically, it's a river running through a bunch of shops, outdoor cafes, and a mall. Also, I don't know if this is still the case, but it used to be that when you brought a coke can to Fiesta Texas, you got a certain discount off the ticket - Although I don't know if they do this deal anymore.
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Peterkin Peterkin
the Northside ISD usually sells them for $26....For more information call (210)397-8599 As for other attractions here are a few: Alamo River Walk Mission Trails Tower of Americas Sea World Market Square Museums Art Galleries Performing Arts San Antonio Zoo For pics and more info check out the website below
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Lux Lux
If you plan to go to Fiesta Texas more than once per season, you should get a season pass. It's $59.99, but if you buy 4 or more, they are $54.99 each. Or, if you know someone who has a season pass, they can get you in for free or cheap with their coupon books. Employees can also get you in for free or at a discount.
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Jefferey Jefferey
the shops at lacanterais very nice (http://www.theshopsatlacantera.com) its fullofupper class shops so be prepared to spend!!! its on la cantera pkwy, conveniantly right next to fiesta texas!
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Jefferey Originally Answered: 76 degrees in Phoenix and Fiesta Bowl today, why aren't you?
I'm packing my bags, putting my son on my lap and we are coming in my motorized wish it were a harley davidson scooter.....now, which way do I go from here *looking at the map*.......

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