How can I increase the amount of weight I can carry on my back?

How can I increase the amount of weight I can carry on my back? Topic: How can I increase the amount of weight I can carry on my back?
June 18, 2019 / By Barbary
Question: I'm an 18 year old female, who's shipping out to Parris Island for Marine Corps boot camp very soon. I've been training for over 2 years with things including push ups, crunches, running, and pull ups/flexed arm hang, but there's one thing I've never really been able to master- the amount of weight I can carry on my back. I can carry about 50 pounds for a mile, but if I'm going any longer than that, I'll immediately drop down to only being able to carry 30. Any suggestions on how I can improve this? Or maybe somebody can give me an idea on how much is expected from females regarding this.
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Adela Adela | 6 days ago
Go slow...the worst thing you can do is start off carrying too much. Start off with 20 pounds. Once you can easily get to 8 miles, at a 15 min/mile pace, increase it to 25 pounds...and start the cycle again...2 mi, 4 mi, 6 mi, 8 mi...then increase by 5 pounds and start again... The important thing is a 15 min/mi pace..which is the "standard" for tactical foot marches; you will also want to train over varied terrain...and at night if you have someone to go with you. The single biggest reason females get dropped out of both Army and Marine basic/boot is stress fractures of the pelvis caused by carrying too much weight And kudos to you for thinking about training for this ahead of time. Most people don't and it is the single biggest kick in the nuts for new recruits. Ruckmarching is the true test of stamina and endurance. Edit: Guess what Someone? She is going to have to wear weighted packs and body armor in training and throughout her time in service. She isn't going in the USAF. In the Army and Marines ruckmarching is a standard activity. Not something extraordinary. But I see what you are saying. So my follow on advice would be to visit an outdoor shop (REI, Gander Mountain, etc) and get advice on properly fiting your pack, proper footwear, and advice on how to load your pack to prevent injury. And don't exceed 30% of your body weight. 30% is the point where the likelihood of injury increases. Weight machines in the gym aren't going to prepare you to carry a ruck...period. They aren't going to toughen your feet and they aren't going to increase your stamina. Carrying a ruck is going to prepare you to carry a ruck. And no offense brother...you have never been in the military.
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get a heavier bar.. but why would you need another way to increase weight other than adding more weights

Taskill Taskill
You will shed some pounds. I think I famous anyone wrote how it is going to result your legs however there is not any such factor as spot reducing, you're going to shed pounds in all places (should you run adequate). You will note get cumbersome legs. They'll seem extra defined although as will the relaxation of your physique considering the fact that they won't be protected with the aid of adipose tissue (fats). Extra foremost than exercise is weight loss plan though, but if you happen to keep your caloric intake and broaden the energy you burn via endeavor you will do exceptional. And it is rather shrewd to broaden slowly. Not more than 10% every week and each month half of what you will have been doing for every week after which return to increasing it at the degree you had been beforehand. Good success! Also, as soon as you're in form, the fine approach to reduce weight/get in shape are intervals alternatively than steady percent running. Run all out for 20 seconds, then relaxation a minute. Start through doing four of these for two weeks, then 6 for two weeks, then eight. Heat up through walking for 10 minutes earlier than and warm down through walking 5 minutes after wards. Once you might be accustomed to doing eight start slicing back to your relaxation time, from a minute to forty seconds to twenty seconds to 10. These final couple are simply possible targets, jogging 30 minutes three-4 occasions every week is all you need for wellbeing. If you can do eight with 10 seconds leisure you are competent for the Olympics!
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Perry Perry
Just like weightlifting, you cannot immediately start out at a very high number. You need to gradually work your way up. Try 20 pounds for a mile. Then do 2 miles. Then add some weight and add some distance. Work your way up to 50 pounds for 5 miles. Then 60 pounds. Then 70.
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Lucky Lucky
leg exercises focus on your calves, but don't neglect your hamstrings or quadriceps a good one is the weighted calf raise, it's a very simple machine, but it's very hard to do properly edit: I don't agree with wine although he usually has great advice, means well and is very knowledgeable, using weighted packs can hurt your back if you must use weights, use ankle / wrist weights his plan is very good, very thorough, but not so helpful for the short term
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Jedidiah Jedidiah
50lbs for a mile? Try 5 miles (8ks) at a minimum and you're approaching the standards you need to meet.
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