Why is my baby constipated?

Why is my baby constipated? Topic: Why is my baby constipated?
July 20, 2019 / By Donal
Question: She'll be 10 months old on Sunday and eats 5 eight ounce bottles a day. At the sitter, she gets one container of stage 1 or 2 baby food a day (we bought a lot and are trying to get rid of it). When we get home in the evening, she gets a little finger food (sometimes a cracker and string cheese, sometimes Cheerios, or usually a little of whatever it is we're eating for dinner). I want her to have mostly formula, so solids aren't a big concern for us at this point, though she does get pastas, veggies, meats on the weekends when we cook larger meals. We've tried a little water or juice in a sippy cup, but she wasn't interested. She's been on the same formula for 7 months, is rarely gassy, hardly ever burps, and never spits up. But everytime she poops, she pushes and grunts, and out comes a round, hard poop. I don't understand why she's so constipated, as she is mostly getting liquids. (I sent prunes with her to the sitter's the other day and she had a huge poop that evening when she got home.)
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Braiden Braiden | 4 days ago
It probably is the formula. I'm not trying to sound Like a breastfeeding pusher, because I do breastfeed, but breastmilk naturally changes to match babies needs as they get older. Formula doesn't. She's changing and the formula isn't.
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Braiden Originally Answered: My Baby seems constipated what can i Do?
My dude sometimes misses a day. His doc said it's totally normal as long as he didn't seem like he was in pain. To help her out, try a warm bath, maybe give her an ounce of warm water. Constipation is due to dehydration. No extreme, but you get what I mean right? If she does seem like she's in pain, call your doc. Everyone is going to give you different ideas on what to do, but your doc would know best, and you should follow their advice before anyone else's.
Braiden Originally Answered: My Baby seems constipated what can i Do?
I found that half a teaspoon of brown sugar (not raw) in some warm boiled water did the trick for my daughter, or a warm bath and 'peddling' their legs. Goodluck, 19 hours isnt too much to worry about though, if she is in distress over it keep feeding breastmilk and it should loosten her up a little bit :) Goodluck!!

Adino Adino
Infant cereals can be a bit constipating. Give your pediatrician a call on this one. Usually they can treat constipation with just a couple ounces of fruit (non-citrus) per day. You can even add it in with a bottle of formula if you like, or put it in a bottle if she won't take it in a sippy cup. I'd give them a call about it though.
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Stephania Stephania
You can try more regular prunes and sweet potato, and other foods that will help loosen things up. Some foods are more binding, like cereals, banana, and cheese.
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Stephania Originally Answered: Why does my baby keep getting constipated?
Brunette is right. It could just be the formula that needs changing. And lifting their legs up and down really does help. Just keep a lookout for his face, when he grunts and frowns like he is pushing for a poo give him a hand by lifting and lowering his feet. But if changing formula does not resolve your problem, you should take him to a doctor. The stomach pain associatedwith constipation really hurts them and he will keep you up at night with his crying.

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