Please Help! I think my baby is constipated.?

Please Help! I think my baby is constipated.? Topic: Please Help! I think my baby is constipated.?
September 23, 2019 / By Sylvester
Question: My baby seems to be having a hard time pooping, he is grunting really hard and his eyes go crossed. Does this mean he is constipated what can I do to help? Heis breastfeed and 5 months old.
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Payton Payton | 9 days ago
My friend's baby gets really constipated, and is breastfed too. What she does to help her is give her some diluted apple juice every morning. It helps baby go to the bathroom and is safe for her! Hope this helps!
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Payton Originally Answered: Why is my baby constipated?
Most likely it would be the potatoes. I would try to increase the fiber in her diet. Prunes would be great. At this age she can eat them just cut up without them being pureed. Also try peaches, pears, and other fruits/veggies. You can also give her 2 oz of prune, apple or grape juice mixed with 2 oz of cool boiled water.

Lou Lou
Look at his stools if he's had any. If they are hard or pellet like, than give him some Gerber apple prune juice and warm it up a little bit. That should definetly soften the stool. It's really not the frequency of bm's, it's more of what the bm looks like. Remember, breastfed babies tend to taper off from having so many after a while from 3-5, from 1-2 times a day. He might be gassy, so give him Mylicon with every feeding. It's safe, so just in case you give him too much he'll have a bm and if he's constipated than that's what you want. But if none of that works, get an adult suppository, cut it lengthwise, and reshape it with your fingers so that it is short and narrow enough to insert into your baby's bottom. Feel free to call the doctor as well just to be on the safe side and let them know what's going on. I breastfed my baby and he quit having them for like 3- 4 days, and I gave the poor thing some prune juice and suppositories because I thought he was constipated. And I took him to the dr and she didn't see anything wrong or any blockage. But when he did finally go, it was a blowout!!! So try those suggestions and he should be fine.
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Jaylen Jaylen
My daughter has been constipated lately. I've found that if you lay them on their backs & move their legs in a bicycle motion, sort of pushing on their stomach, it helps it move along faster. My pediatrician has also said to give her an ounce of pear juice diluted with an ounce of water if she became constipated.
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Galahad Galahad
Go to the grocery store and get a bottle of karo syrup. Put 2 ounces of warm water and a T-spoon of the karo in a bottle. do that once a day and you should see the improvment
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Deonte Deonte
you can give him some prune juice (you can mix with milk in bottle) or mix with a little water. try soaking his butt in warm water lay him on his belly but in any case, just make sure he is pooping the normal amount of times in a day, and it's not painful. if he has these syptoms, go ahead and remedy them. you can also call yopu pediatrician and ask for advice.
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Benett Benett
Pear juice has worked wonders for us when our baby was constipated. Also using the bicycle method that another answerer suffested.
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Abbot Abbot
probably so!! did you try everything else ? Check his temp.,is he hungry ,he may not be getting enough milk are you pumping? try a little mylacone gas drops for infants that usually does the trick.Check his tummy and if it is real hard then that is most likely what you are dealing with! Or gas !
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Shirlee Shirlee
just go to a drug store and buy a supository. make sure it is for babies. My babys doctor gave them to him when he was only about 2 months old so it is safe.
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Shirlee Originally Answered: my baby is constipated.?
Poor thing! You need to get an second opionion or get her to a specialist right away! It shounds like your child could have G.I problems. I would have suggested if it was normal constipation to feed him an 1/2 ounce kero suryp with nursery water. Good luck!

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