Weight loss and green tea?

Weight loss and green tea? Topic: Weight loss and green tea?
October 14, 2019 / By Stephanas
Question: Will putting a teaspoon of sugar into my green tea eliminate the weight loss benefits from it? No ads please, and yes, I know some people say it doesn't work so I don't need that lecture. Thanks. I'm not just driking green tea alone, I'm excersising and dieting too...
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Paden Paden | 9 days ago
hello, i've tried all the weight loss solutions out there but none of them had worked, til i found this website - buy green tea for $1 a pack on www.health-solutions-4-you.com/greenteaw... have a nice day. hehe im only jokin :P i hate those friggin ads too.. urrggh.. umm yeah did you know that a teaspoon of sugar has 16 calories??? buy splenda, its made of fruit and vegetable sugars and has 2 calories a teaspoon. it taste the same as sugar. I always add 2 spoons of it to my green tea, and it tastes really sweet and yummy :) happy sippin'
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Paden Originally Answered: green tea and weight loss?
Drinking a lot of green tea seems to help make a person lose weight because it makes you feel full and yet the caffeine helps "keep you going" without eating too much food. But there is no direct correlation between drinking green tea and losing weight. There is no magic bullet. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is by diet and exercise. But green tea is beneficial to drink because it contains antioxidants. If you decide to eat/drink anything make sure it does not contain sugar, high fructose corn syrup or synthetic sugar like splenda. When you eat real sugar, the cells in your body has receptors that tell you that you have eaten enough sugar so you stop eating. When you eat manufactured sugar like splenda, your cells can't identify it, so you keep eating it not knowing that you have reached your limit.

Leyton Leyton
sleep in a cold room sleeping in a cold room is a best way to force your body to heat itself up for hours
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Jareb Jareb
Try crystal light white tea with blueberry or they have green tea also. This has ZERO sugar but it is sweet enough as it is to enjoy it. Honest. I have used this and it's delicious. Add to a 16 oz. bottle of water and then shake it up to mix it when you add the packet and drink.It is only 5 calories a serving. I find green tea is beneficial to health overall. I prefer mine with honey when I make some warm tea. Honey has good immunity benefits and is more useful than sugar is. Tea is a diuretic, meaning it helps to get rid of water weight gain. Enjoy. Drink this and find the weight loss benefits can and do exist. (The crystal light makes me go to the bathroom enough to feel that is in effect. LOL The tea can be something that goes right through you.)
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Fred Fred
There is no evidence that green tea has special weight loss benefits. The only reason people think this is because it has no calories and it helps excrete wastes from your body. Water does the same thing. The calories from sugar will eventually catch up to you and you could see a slight weight gain from it if you don't burn it off. Just stick with plain tea (doesn't matter what kind) or water. If you're having trouble drinking it straight up, add some kind of citrus juice like lemon or orange.
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Deforest Deforest
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Bartley Bartley
Just don't add the sugar when the tea water is boiling hot or else you elimate nutrients in both the sugar and the tea. When it is cooler, it may not mix as well but it will be better for you. Also, instead of sugar have you tried adding a slice of lemon? Just another healthy suggestion.
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Zelia Zelia
Green tea alone does nothing or else i wouldnt have been overweight for so long (i love green tea). a tsp of sugars like what 15 cals? of course it wont ruin anything. enjoy the tea
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Zelia Originally Answered: Does green tea really aid in weight loss?
green tea has caffeine which speeds up metabolism, but onlike other caffein drinks (coffee and soda) there is no sugar. So green tea or black tea will speed up metabolism a bit. As for your friend, if she worked out a lot then she would probably lose weight easily. Subway sandwiches aren't that bad for you, but salads and lean meats are better.

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