How do I train my new cat to use a scratching post when he doesnt like cat nip?

How do I train my new cat to use a scratching post when he doesnt like cat nip? Topic: How do I train my new cat to use a scratching post when he doesnt like cat nip?
September 19, 2019 / By Babe
Question: I cant put nip on it, he hates it. We just got him a couple of days ago, and he tries to reach up and scratch our door casings.. now, we've said no and pushed him down, so now how do I encourage him to use a post when Ive already told him no? Will he understand that something else IS ok to use?
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Abrianna Abrianna | 6 days ago
Cats are smart. Mine, even the daftest one (whom I love to bits), have always been able to learn how to distinguish between scratching posts and furniture. Have you tried valerian? My cats are unimpressed with catnip, but love valerian. Something else that has always worked for me is scratching the post myself, the "scritch scritch" sounds have always motivated my cats to copy me. Also every time he scratches somewhere he's not supposed to then either lift him over to where he is supposed to scratch or give him a quick squirt with a waterbottle to make him stop scratching at the forbidden places. Finally, if he's absolutely hooked on your door casings, then buy some cat-deterrent spray and give the casings a liberal amount of it (test it on a hidden spot first to make sure that it doesn't stain or otherwise damage the casings).
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Abrianna Originally Answered: How to teach a cat to use a scratching post?
First you deter them fom what they are not meant to be scratching. While training, make what they were scratching unappealing, by using: Reversible tape Tinfoil spread over the surface Cayenne Pepper Mothballs (in a old marge tub, sealed, with holes punched in the sides to let the smell out) Balloons Bitter apple spray (pet store) Lemon scented polish They also do not like the smell of clove oil. Spraying with citrus oils on the surfaces. A tin with a few coins to rattle when they do scratch startles them away from it. A water-spray also works well. A loud clap when they do scratch. Then you need to encourage the right behaviour, patiently. Getting scratching posts and every time kitty scratches, putting them on the scratching post. When they scratch it, encourage them by petting them. This encourages the to "dig in", thereby discovering what a nice surface that is to scratch. Remember that you don't only need one, but cats like different things, sisal or cardboard, horisontal or vertical sisal weaves, they all have their preference. Remember that a cat will want to also scratch after a good snooze, so put one near where they like to nap, as well as near where they want to scratch. Even a log mounted on a piece of wood will suffice as scratching post, it need not be something expensive. DO NOT try ands teach them how to scratch - they know full well how to do it, but you have to make them WANT TO. Provide constant, positive re-enforcement. You can drag a toy accross the surface you want them to scratch, another brilliant way to get them "into" the durface. Rub the post with catnip, they love it. If catnip does nothing (33% chance), use Valerian or Honeysuckle. Consider getting a Feliway Diffuser, it does help calm things down as well.

Syd Syd
Scratch on it, yourself, too. Ever hear the term "copy cats"? Cats learn by observation, as much as anything else. If you scratch on it, yourself, and he observes near by, that will also help give him the idea. Another post here describes playing with a toy at the post to get the cat engaged and that also is a good part of a plan. It could also be that the orientation of the post doesn't suit your cat. Some cats like horizontal, some vertical. If you give a choice, you can see which he prefers. No cat likes a post or surface that is not stable, so make sure it's achored well. If you want to dis-courage from scratching on the door casings, you can use a squirt bottle when he does it, but make sure he doesn't know the squirt comes from you, or else he will only behave when you are around.
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Paul Paul
I got my cat to start using hers by playing around it with her. Like I have a feather toy that I put on it and when she reached up to grab it she sort of discovered the scratching post and now she uses it all the time. I think your cat should make the connection that it's okay to scratch there and not on the door. Maybe just once you get him to scratch the post, then everytime he goes to scratch the door, bring him over to the post. And I think Elle has a really good point about maybe placing it near where he normally scratches and then gradually moving it to where you want the scratching post to be.
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Lorne Lorne
I have never been able to get a cat to use a scratching post. Most of my cats hate them because they are too short. (Or at least shorter than the furniture and wall corners) What I have done for my cats before is get them a mountable scratching post. My cat actually "taught" me about them oddly enough. They sell these things at pet stores that you can screw into the wall on the coners and cats are supposed to use them to rub their heads against. My cat absolutely LOVED this as a scratching post and we never had a problem with her using our furniture. I eventually just started making similar things myself. You can get low grade carpet for like $1 a sq ft. and just screw/nail it to the corner of the wall at a height that your kitty will like. You don't need much of it all all I usually make mine about 6" by 6". Good luck!
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Jaydon Jaydon
The quickest way I've found to convince a cat to use a scratching post is to sort of support him on his back legs in front of the post and gently squeeze the paws to reveal the tips of the claws (like you would if you were trimming them) and then kind of... gently attach them to the scratching post, either that or just lightly (very lightly) draw his claws over it- just enough that he feels them catch (not so much that you're wrenching him down it) Either that or bring him to it and then scratch your nails over it a bit- considering the curious nature of cats, most will come have a sniff to see what the fuss is about and end up trying it out themself. Cats have a natural instinct to scratch their claws on things, so once he discovers this magical surface which seems as if it were actually made for the job, he should pick it up pretty quickly, to ensure he does, try putting it in a place he's tried to scratch his claws before (for instance, we've moved our cat's post to the bottom of the stairs, as she was ruining the carpet on them) just to solidify the idea in his mind of it's purpose.
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My son is exactly the same. When he was 4 months old he had to go to the childrens hospital due to bad bronchitis. He wheezes every time he gets sick and has to take nebulizer treatments and sometimes steroids. He also gets sick often. Especially lately due to the allergies. I give him childrens an Rx that is kinda like Zyrtec and that helps. There's really not much else you can do. My son does have a Rx for a really good allergy medicine that works better than any of that over the counter stuff. Maybe ask your doctor about it? Just take your son to the dr at the first signs of being sick so he doesn't get too bad and need steroids. Good luck!

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