other than chronic pain disorder/fibromyalgia, what is it called when you have pain at:?

other than chronic pain disorder/fibromyalgia, what is it called when you have pain at:? Topic: other than chronic pain disorder/fibromyalgia, what is it called when you have pain at:?
January 29, 2020 / By Joss
Question: i've had many accidents in my life. i've injured many areas of my body and then got diagnosed with both chronic pain disorder as well as "borderline" fibromyalgia. one of the medications i have taken for so long is amitriptilyne (elevil), one 25 mg./night. in the past 6 to 9 months, i have been experiencing, daily, a pain all over my body (but not in my torso itself) whereby it feels like the fascia that holds the musles and tendons on the bones aches. what is this condition? what is done to treat it? my doctor already doubled the dose of elevil that i take each night. it only helps a little bit. i do NOT have arthritis and do not need a rheumatologist. what else could this be?
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Harding Harding | 2 days ago
elevil is also supposed be good for pain.so that's why your feeling better probably ,you might want to try eating only whole foods for a while,Especially fruits.& greens.no white flour products or sweets.which this will of course allow better healing of your damaged nerves.giving your body the proper nutrients .the elevil and the other drugs you might take or damaging your nervous system.as all drugs do to some degree. Valerian root is a natural nervine that will actually heal damaged nerves.take 3 capsules at bedtime.this might help. exercise is always good to do,to help balance the body.allowing blockages to be released.sweating is good to release toxins and poisins,joining a health spa is Good to do, elevil effects the memory.perhaps,try some Gotu Kola herb to stimulate the brain. also it is a drug so as with any drug it kills b vitamins in the system, all drugs do, please take a 100mg,b vitamin complex. to replace the B's killed by the drugs.B's or great for stress, which is one of your concerns?. and the bs.keep the t cells healthy so they will be better able to heal what is wrong with you, so you do that now. you hear? cant thing of anything else. except we Bigfoot people take magic mushrooms for most ailments, it might not cure, but you don't notice the ailment as badly.May the Great & Mighty spirit of the Yeti Klan be with you my dear.I share this spirit with you.accept it as a gift.
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Harding Originally Answered: For chronic pain,can you take pain killers long term?
It's interesting that this works so much better than Vicodin. Vicodin is hydrocodone with tylenol. Vicoprofen is hydrocodone with ibuprofen. Since the narcotic is the same, clearly what's working for you is the ibuprofen- the anti-inflammatory. If I were you, I would try using anti-inflammatories alone. You can talk to your doctor about use of medications to protect the lining of your stomach from the potential damage from the ibuprofen. The reason I suggest this route is that being on narcotics long-term is a very scary thing. As with most addictive substances, over time your body gets used to having that chemical in your body. When you try to decrease or stop use of it, you WILL go through withdrawals. In addition, narcotics cause your bowels to move more slowly, often causing constipation. They can make you fell woozy and out of things. You're not supposed to drive or operate machinery when you have narcotics in your system. If you start to build a tolerance, you will require more and more over time, complicating any side effects. Narcotics are great for use over the short term, but if there's a way to control your pain over the long term without them, I would highly recommend you do that.

Elada Elada
Chronic pain seems to be like nothing else we suffer. It has characteristics which can effect us mentally, emotionally and physically. The hardest thing that I've found is that there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. After 25 years of dealing with multiple doctors, numerous tests and med changes, I was able to find a manageable solution. (for me) Chiropractic care and self-hypnosis has reduced my daily suffering by 80-90 percent. Also, I will continue to seek alternatives to drugs, ask anyone who has suffered what they have done, and am very careful not to take meds as a first course of treatment on bad days. The few instances where I received "bad" advice from licensed physicians has made me very leery of the medical profession as a whole. I am sure that there are many good doctors, but if I am going to seek their advice, I listen closely to not just what they say, but how they approach me and the issues I am seeking to resolve. (Never be afraid to seek a second, third or forth opinion!) Well, I'm off to the Chiropractor (seriously!) LOL! Hope this helped!
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Cari Cari
Those are common symptoms of fibromyalgia, which is basically neurogenic pain. The pain medication cannot completely do away with your pain, but, it's main function is to reduce the pain to a tolerable level for you where you can function. You could take relaxation/meditation classes. Tai chi is known to help people with pain disorders decrease their sensation of pain.
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Allaric Allaric
not sure but if anything, I'd go see another doctor and since you've been on medication for so long, it might be time for a complete blood workup, I had a friend who was feeling just as you and on those meds for years, and recently moved to another state so had to see other doctors and they came up with a completely different diagnosis.
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Tate Tate
i would suggest seeing a doctor....a rheumatologist would be your best bet, even if you didn't want to go. you might want to go to physical therapy or do exercises
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It may possibly be duodenal ulcer. I have this problem for 14 years, and bloody stools and sharp chest pain (especially upper abdomen, in the middle), as well as right back pain (mid/upper).

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