How can I Lose Body Fat and Build Muscle Mass at the Same Time?

How can I Lose Body Fat and Build Muscle Mass at the Same Time? Topic: How can I Lose Body Fat and Build Muscle Mass at the Same Time?
January 26, 2020 / By Jimmie
Question: I've never had much luck in doing both at the same time. Either I have to focus on losing fat or focus on gaining muscle. Anybody got any tips, secrets or tricks that can help?
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Best Answers: How can I Lose Body Fat and Build Muscle Mass at the Same Time?

Gomer Gomer | 2 days ago
Hi Mike. Man I understand you perfectly. I've tried many things over the years to address the exact same situation. I finally succeeded. The way in which you phrased this question shows me you're experienced in exercise, diet and training, so I'm going to be brief here. What it boils down two is two things: 1) Experiment, and 2) Supplement By "Experiment" I mean you need to test out different combinations of training and eating strategies. WHY?? Because everybody reacts differently to training and diet based on age, genetics, body type, lifestyle, etc. Sorry man but you must trust me on this - you need to try things and see how it affects YOU. For example, I learned that running for 45 minutes+ actually did nothing for my fat % as I got older, and simply walking at a good pace for the same time was what got the fat off. And walking in the morning after drinking a protein shake was more effective than walking on an empty stomach. Regarding supplements there are some that can help but you need to be careful - both of artificial ingredients and marketing hype - but you know that already. Stay away from Hydroxycut please. What has worked for me is something new called 'Acai Fire for Men' - which is acai berry obviously BUT formulated for men. I don't know how they did it but that stuff worked. I read about it on the web at http://hubpages.com/hub/acaifire4men-freetrial My experience was much like the guy who wrote that article. Bottom line there is no quick fix solution but the solution nevertheless is there - you just have to find it yourself.
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Gomer Originally Answered: Does muscle soreness build muscle? And how to lose body fat?
Couple of things. A - You really need to get over yourself. Your ego is amazing. (and trust me, you have no clue as to "what girls like".) B: Your muscles are sore from use beyond what is typical. That doesn't mean they are growing. It means they were used. The soreness passes with time or even working more. 300 jacks are fine. But honestly, most people do that just to warm up. What else are you doing? You wont get "big and manly" doing calestenics. Body building is a sport. It takes years in a gym, dedication and a great diet. It goes well beyond your level of conditioning.

Driskoll Driskoll
I've done the same for years too, splitting my workout's over the course of a year. Now that I've gotten older, mass is less appealing and had been switching to more endurance type training, but always ended up feeling weak. Last fall I ran across the crossfit web site and decided to give it a try. It based on high intensity full body workouts utilizing only 2-3 different exercises but done with little or no rest and uses a lot power-lifting and olympic style techniques. Its allowed me to lean out quite a bit (with out dieting down) and though I have lost some mass, I'm just as strong and in some cases stronger then I was before. Its definitely not for everyone and some gym's really frown on it, but I found that if you add the high-intensity element of it to your work-out you get the benefits. Good Luck Truk
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Briscoe Briscoe
The Seagull girl recommends a good idea. I know a guy who does that and it's working for him. I don't even combine building muscle mass and losing bodyfat at the same time though. I always bulk up first and then concentrate on getting the fat off later when I am cutting. One thing for sure though is to make sure you don't eat bad foods. Fast foods and junky foods are not good for you. Make sure you are heavy with protein for sure. Even get some of that whey protein stuff and it helps a lot. This way a lot less fat forms during your bulk up phase.
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Aiah Aiah
capability is different to muscle so the heavy exercises ought to in hassle-free terms be increasing capability. What i think of has befell is that the calorie deficit on the weekdays have cancelled out the calorie surplus on your work out days. Assuming over the three work out days you have an excess of around 3000 energy, you are able to as properly be having a deficit of around 3000 energy on the 4 relax days so little weight exchange. So I doubt you have geared up plenty muscle. i prefer to propose you start up up reducing first, it is going to take a even as, and then do the bulking after. nevertheless consume approximately a hundred and fifty grams of protein an afternoon and consume 500-seven-hundred energy decrease than you prefer.
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Susanne Susanne
You can try the zigzag diet that some bodybuilders use. It's kind of tricky though and requires focus and careful planning. Everything will also happen slowly, so you'll need a lot of patience.
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Susanne Originally Answered: Recovering from Anorexia: how to build muscle mass?
You need protein for your muscles to grow: the more, the better. Include lean red meats in your daily diet, as they contain the right nutrients to make muscles grow. It is actually quite simple: the combination of a high protein diet and the right kind of workout will make your muscles grow like you never thought possible, you will need discipline and devotion to your training. You will have to bust your gut and spend a lot of hard working hours in the gym.Assess your physique to determine which muscle groups need to be brought up in size, then go to the gym with that in mind, concentrating on working those areas first. People always have some "better" parts of the body, so focus on less developed muscles.Remember you want to increase the size of every muscle fiber in your body so that your total body mass to increases. With experience, you will learn to find exercises that work best on your muscles. Therefore, if you want to build mass, try different exercises and see which ones pump you up best. emphasize movements with dumbbells and free weights since they are the best for building mass. Once again, just eat well, plenty of protein rich foods, consider using a protein shake to enhance the effects and train like hell.

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