What do YOU do with your life?

What do YOU do with your life? Topic: What do YOU do with your life?
June 19, 2019 / By Azalea
Question: So basically, I don't have a life. I spend literally all my free time on the computer and I'm sick of it. I just have no idea what else to do. What are some awesome ways to spend your free time? I have a hard time making friends because everyone in my school is either completely boring and annoying or out having sex and bragging about it to anyone who'll listen. There's literally nothing to do in my town. We had a bowling alley but it got shut down. Our movie theater got closed. I can't drive yet.
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Abilene Abilene | 2 days ago
I know how you feel. I have really nothing to do over my Winter Break. I really wish I could drive right now... But, I basically walked my dogs with my brother earlier this afternoon, then watched some toddlers and Tiaras, then I basically plopped my behind on the chair and am currently writing this to you. Otherwise, if I could drive, I would have spent all day at the mall or something.
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Abilene Originally Answered: Would you give up your own life if it made your children(s) life 3-4x better?
No, because making my "children(s) life 3-4x better" does not warrant my own death. They need to work to succeed in life and just because their life may be difficult doesn't mean they cannot overcome hardships. Now I would lay down my life if it meant that my children would live and grow old to live long lives.

Sweeney Sweeney
Oh dear! That is no good at all! There is SOOO much you can be doing, and I'll give you some choices but it really depends a lot on what you like! I do a LOT. I'm 18 so I'm in school as well, but not right now so I'm doing much more. How about learning a new language?! I am right now learning French and Italian and German! How about reading more?! It something great to do all the time. And there is something to read for anyone. Hmm you could take up a new hobby like Knitting, drawing or painting, something like that. (Google a list of Hobbies that will help loads) There is just so much you can do, but you should always try to be doing something productive because life goes by fast ... and it's a pure shame to waste it! xx Goodluck.
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Parry Parry
Ditto here. There's nothing that's very fun to do. I mean, there's stuff, but whenever I do something I'm just kind of disappointed. Like, 'oh that was alright I guess...' ANYWAYS I would recommend seeing "Yes Man" it's a movie about a guy who basically says... yes. To everything. And uh... wow where was I going with this. Basically, experiences help you grow as a person which is, what I believe, to be the ideal state to be. Always growing and improving so what I suggest is just going out and doing new things, talking to people and doing your best to grow and develop as a person. TL;DR, GO TO A CLUB MEETING OR SOMETHING. TALK TO PEOPLE. LEARN/DO NEW THINGS.
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Lonny Lonny
I'm the exact same as you. It's horrible, and when paired with bad experiences with bullies has made me incredibly depressed and sometimes suicidal. Change your ways before it's too late... (That makes me sound religious, but I assure you I'm not O.o) Getting out and about is what you need to be doing... It can be hard to start with. First find something close to home that you can be, prefably with friends. (Go see some movies or go bowling or something similar), then as you begin to spend more and more time out and about, go to places that are further and further away from home, and you'll begin to see that the amount of time you spend doing physical things that you enjoy increases. I'm working on this too.
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Jaxon Jaxon
Suminagashi, painting, sculpting, origami, dance clubs, studying things I like, Sports - by definition, spirituality, Music festivals,sleep.
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Jaxon Originally Answered: How to Increase your life?
in addition to optimism, try the following: ============================== healthy diet (no junk food) DO NOT drink alcohol DO NOT smoke any tobacco products DO NOT do any recreational drugs Get enough sleep every night Exercise often I know one guy who just turned 64 and NO ONE will believe he is over 50 because of his youthful appearance, full head of hair, healthy and glowing skin, etc. etc.

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