Where to buy Bay Leaf Plant around bay area?

Where to buy Bay Leaf Plant around bay area? Topic: Where to buy Bay Leaf Plant around bay area?
October 14, 2019 / By Harve
Question: Hi! I would like to buy a pot of bay leaf plant. Does anybody know where I can buy it? I don't think that Home Depot or Sloat Garden has it, but I'm not sure. Is it called "California Bay Laurel"?
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Eleazar Eleazar | 8 days ago
There are 2 plants that you may be referring to, either the California Bay Laurel, or the actual Bay Laurel, which is Laurus nobilis. You will often get the latter at stores like Home Depot, if you look in their herb plant section. I've checked my usual plant sources in the Bay area, but it's not in stock right now. Firstly, I'd check which of the 2 types of plants it is that you actually want, either the Californian plant, or the standard Bay tree, used for cooking worldwide. This will make it easier for you to track down the sources. My favourite nursery is Annies Annuals, which largely sell plants for decorative flowers, though with many leafy plants, as well as perennials. Their staff are really helpful, so you could always give them a call, to see if they have any ideas on where to pick some up from. Their website is here, which contains phone numbers http://www.anniesannuals.com/ Hope this helps. Good luck! Rob
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Eleazar Originally Answered: Lavender plant.?
dottie the cook...and the gardener too? My source says that in areas with lots of rain, lavender should be planted in elevated beds, troughs or pots. So I ask you to be sure that your pot is absolutely well drained? Other than that...it mentions that lavenders are sun lovers, native to the Mediterranean area, so if you have had lots of rain (and obviously a lot of overcast days) it could just be letting you know that it is unhappy with its living arrangement. If that is the case, eventually the sun will shine again. How old is the plant? My lavender (that I coax into survival with micro-climates) tends to die off in the center and next to the ground. I would be sure that your pot is raised to drain, and watch and see.

Cassidy Cassidy
Aloe Vera plants are sold in the grocery sections at most grocery stores. They're usually located by the lettuce and other fresh veggies. My friends and I actually just recently bought one to make a facial mask with. It was very soothing and had a cooling effect on our skin, i presume it would be fantastic for under eye bags. All we did was open the plant and take the gel out of the inside, mixed it in a blender with avacado, water, milk, and lavender essential oil. Worked like a charm, making our skin feel fresh, clean, and rejuved. I don't know how to make tea from it but I'm sure there's a way. Hope you find what you are looking for!
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Allyn Allyn
The botanical name for this is Umbellularia californica. Since it's a tree, it's most likely in a 5 gallon size or larger. The best thing to do is... 1) call a good nursery (not a box store) and ask a) if they carry it, b) if they have any c) the price and container size it's in and, d) if they don't have it in stock, can they do a special order for you and get it in Nurseries do special orders all the time so don't be afraid to ask. (I'm just north of you and work at a nursery and we do special orders all the time.) Good luck!
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Teri Teri
I bought this one: http://www.techawave.com/techawave/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=541907
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Teri Originally Answered: can you identify this plant?
Physalis or cape gooseberries,they have a tart mildly scented flavour,the berry is enclosed in papery beige husk,hangs like a chinese lantern.,cultivated by early south african settlers in the Cape of Good Hope,hence the name cape gooseberries,though the fruit was known to the greeks as early as the third century AD.

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