What do you think of the Atkins diet?

What do you think of the Atkins diet? Topic: What do you think of the Atkins diet?
July 20, 2019 / By Grey
Question: I have tried everything and I have lost ten pounds and my belly is smaller but still not where I want to be so I am looking at other methods. I know many women who have done Atkins and liked it. It’s an all meat (for the most part) with very little carbohydrates and sugar. This is good for weight loss fast I suppose but is this diet easy to sustain? Also, with no carbs I don’t know if my jogs will be all that productive. Just looking for some general feedback from experiences. Thank you
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Dustin Dustin | 7 days ago
I don't think there is any further doubt that the restricted carbohydrate diet, which has been around for hundreds of years, is THE method most likely to be successful for the average person in the sugar/cereal/potato engorged western world! Doctors are gradually swallowing their pride and admitting that low fat diets do not work as well as low carb ones. The theory is tricky but sound. "Atkins", which is just a particularly popular type of low-carb, fat-burning diet, is not about meat only at all! It is a high vegetable, high protein, moderate fat and low carb and zero "sugar" diet. It is not easy or crazy, just because you can eat bacon and eggs once a week! Although I used to be suspicious too. Even my doctor says eat lots of lean meat and fish now and go easy on the OJ. Oh, and of course you will gain weight back if you go back to eating too much carbs and stop exercising! There is no diet that will permanently change your metabolism so you can like a fatso again and stay skinny! You can eat a bit more when you've lost the weight you want.
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Dustin Originally Answered: What do u think about the atkins diet?
the Atkins diet is garbage...it counsels one to eat a lot of proteins and fats and to minimize carbs. proteins, fats, and carbs are not created equal. if you're eliminating carbs such as white sugar or white flour then good for you...but any diet that thinks fresh fruits and vegetables are bad for you too...can't be good. if you sat and ate all the fresh fruits and vegetables you wanted to...you'd get full long before you'd get fat. and a high protein diet from chicken and beef and pork contains huge amounts of saturated fats which is a main cause of heart disease. also...your body can only digest 12 grams of protein at one time...so if you're eating huge amounts of protein like you would on the atkins diet...you'll have large amounts of undigested proteins in your blood, whick leads to uric acid crystals which collect in your joints and cause the sharp pains that people with arthritis and gout suffer from. also cooked meats are a major cause of leukocytosis (research that one yourself on the internet...it's too long to explain). so eat lots of raw nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables and you'll lose weight the healthy way.

Bryon Bryon
When I want to lose weight fast I use the South Beach Diet. The first two weeks can be difficult because they severely restrict carbs (like Atkins) but then you add back "good" carbs in Phase 2 and 3. After that, it's a lifestyle that you can easily live with. Works well because it gives you enough carbs so you have the energy to work out.
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Alby Alby
Okay I've performed each so ... First of all should you've simplest misplaced five lbs in a single month on a vegetarian vitamin you customarily have not been workout and/or you've got taken in too many energy. Just considering it is non carnivorous doesn't suggest its low calorie. Now as for ATKINS run....do not do it. I suggestion I was once so shrewd and so did all of the humans I satisfied to head on Atkins purpose I misplaced 29 lbs in a month, BUT... now not simplest did the load come proper again the minute I acquired again to the truly international and ate a couple of carbs. however I received again extra, plus I grew to become a B*tch at the same time in this vitamin. CRANKY!!! and it was once sooooo tough to pay attention as your mind has no power as a result of the loss of carbs. It's so bodily bad too. It was once a laugh for the primary couple of days, bacon, cheese, steaks, salmon, nuts... AKA fats fats fats fats fats fats...then you definately begin to suppose like a pan of oil. Makes me unwell recalling this vitamin. How approximately including a little bit lean protein to the veggie vitamin and undertaking the load off, then you can have a organization toned frame.
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Sydney Sydney
The Atkins diet will make you loose weight at a fast rate... but you'll gain it all back as soon as you start eating carbs again.
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Rebeccah Rebeccah
I've never seen someone get so ill so fast as when my Housemate went on the Atkins diet! What's wrong with a normal, balanced diet?
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Merrilyn Merrilyn
not much you need a balance of all fruits vegtables and carbs/ fat to be healthy moderation is the key
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Merrilyn Originally Answered: Atkins diet?
Check out lowcarber.org, which has lots of information about various low carb diets. The basic principle is that sugars and carbohydrates, which are chains of simple sugars cause changes in your body chemistry. When you eat those things your body produces insulin to help process them, but then the insulin is still floating around in your system. You get cravings for more carbohydrates to even out your insulin level. This causes overeating and insulin resistance. If you cut down on the carbohydrates that don't provide much nutrition anyway, like white bread, pasta, potatoes, and sugar rich food, your body will not be burning those foods up for energy - or storing the excess as fat. Instead, your body will begin to burn its own fat. So if you reduce your carbs you'll have less of the insulin resistance that causes overeating (and in my case, lethargy) and your body will begin burning fat. It's important to do this the right way. It's not just eating tons of meat. I did the diet without increasing my meat intake at all. I just substituted healthy vegetables for starches. I never felt hungry because on that diet you can have cheese and salad dressing and butter - all the extras that give food flavor. The fat helps you to fill more full, so you don't feel starved. It's a very hard diet to do if you have a craving for sweets.

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