How serious is Lupus during pregnancy?

How serious is Lupus during pregnancy? Topic: How serious is Lupus during pregnancy?
October 14, 2019 / By Colt
Question: My daughter had preclampsia with her first pregnancy. She is approximately 9 wks. along and is showing signs of the condition already. Last week her doctor told her that current symptoms she is having all point to the possibility of Lupus. He ran some test, and said depending on the test results may decide to hospitalize her for a few days for further testing and begin a treatment plan. I am terribly worried for my daughter and her unborn baby. Just wondered if anyone out their has experienced somewhat the same, and looking for some feedback. Thank you in advance.
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Aric Aric | 6 days ago
Don't worry. Lupus rarely affects the baby of a woman who has it, but it isn't nice at all for the mother. Often women contract Lupus whilst pregnant or after they've had a baby, as Lupus is often triggered by this. I once knew a woman who had her Lupus at its very worse after she had her first baby. I've known 2 women with it, and the second one was so exhausted she spent most of a year in a wheelchair. But Lupus is rarely fatal nowadays, and it's not disfiguring. They usually use steroids to treat it. (I'm not talking about illegal drugs, I'm talking about medical drugs that have nothing to do with muscle building). Lupus can range in severity. Your daughter's baby will be fine. I'm not going to guarantee you that everything, including the baby, will be ship-shape and fine and dandy, but it is VERY likely. I know the woman above gave you some bad news about premature or ill babies, but the truth is, the two women I know have had 2 or more babies, all completely normal and healthy. Seriously. Not trying to make you feel better. Have a little faith, dear:) Good luck xxx
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Aric Originally Answered: I have lupus. Is lupus heriditery, and should i have my children checked?
My sister is a carrier but does not exhibit any of the symptoms. She found out when she went through in-vitro pregnancy. She had to have the boys tested after they were born.
Aric Originally Answered: I have lupus. Is lupus heriditery, and should i have my children checked?
Your daughter has a slightly higher chance of developing an autoimmune disease like lupus. There is no definitive test for lupus. And it is not a trait someone carries like sickle cell. A diagnosis of lupus is based on 1. Medical history and symptoms 2. A variety of lab tests (the ANA is only one of them) 3. When other diseases have been ruled out If your daughter is having symptoms she should get medical attention. Talk to your rheumatologist about your concerns for her. Unfortunatley there is a great deal of ignorance about lupus, even in the medical community. I am sorry you were treated like you were crazy. It happens all too often with lupus patients. Here are some interesting things to know. 1.5 million Americans has lupus 1 in 170 Americans has lupus Every 30 minutes someone is diagnosed with lupus If you add together all the people with multiple sclerosis AND sickle cell AND cystic fibrosis and MULTIPLY THAT BY THREE you get the number of people with lupus! Lupus patients must be well informed about the disease if we are to live successfully with it. The link below is a good place to start.

Trix Trix
Lupus pregnancies are considered high risk. That said, many of us with lupus have had children without any problems. You might flare when you are pregnant. There is a very small chance that the baby will have neonatal lupus or congenital heart block, very small chance. Did I say very small chance???? If you have lupus clotting disorders (antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, anti cardio lipin, lupus anticoagulant) you can have a late term miscarriage. Your doctors should test you for this. Your ob/gyn and rheumie must work together closely during your pregnancy. At each visit, ask for copies of your chart and labs and bring them to the other doctor. They will not call each other and share information unless you make it happen.
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Samantha Samantha
i cant bring myself to tell you bad news....i am leaving you a link for lupus and pregnancy http://lupus.webmd.com/guide/pregnancy-l...
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Samantha Originally Answered: Do you know of a teenager with Lupus and does Lupus have remissions?
Hello..well the answer to your question is yes. Both of these diseases can go into remission. My wife suffers from both and has had periods of remission and active disease (currently she is in remission) She was diagnosed with both at 15. Her periods of remission have varied from as long as 4 years to as short as a couple of months. There are tests for both diseases and even if she is in remission she is able to be tested. What types of signs and symptoms is she presenting?

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