9 weeks pregnant, very constipated!?

9 weeks pregnant, very constipated!? Topic: 9 weeks pregnant, very constipated!?
July 18, 2019 / By Fredrik
Question: I am 9 weeks, almost 10 and have always had issues with constipation. I'm going to call my dr. on monday to find out what kind of laxative i can safely take but it is making me very nauseous. And i don't want to try to have a bowel movement because i would have to push very very hard and i know that's not good for the baby. anyways has anyone heard of any medication safe to take while pregnant, especially in first trimester? thanks guys! babydust to you all!
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Dell Dell | 9 days ago
I have IBS that goes from one extreme to the other... During this pregnancy, I have been constipated a number of times - badly so. I also found that I would get nauseous when this was happening. I asked my midwife and naturopath what to do and both suggested I increase my dosage of Flax seed and hemp seed oils (I normally take them for my IBS condition to help with bowel inflammation). Anyway, I started taking 1 tsp of either oil a breakfast, another at lunch and another at dinner (if you try this, get the non-capsule forms, that you keep in the fridge. I swallow the mouthful with lots of water or juice because I can't stand the consistency and taste - but it works!). I was also given fibre pills by my naturopath that helped so much. Also make sure that you drink lots of water... LOTS of water (about 3 litres a day). later in your pregnancy you'll be so thirsty, you'll want to drink that much but at this stage, it make seem like a drag but believe me, it'll help A LOT! I saw someone wrote about rubbing your belly clockwise - I do that too! It does help. I would try what she mentioned because it does make sense (although the milk thing for me at least, would back me up even more, but I have to stay away from milk due to a sensitivity to it). Stay away from sugary food and greasy, deep fried food - they're very bad for the digestive system. Also, eat lots of veggies, especially uncooked (raw carrots, cucumber...etc, with dip quickly became my snack of choice.. and still is). I also found that yogurt, with probiotics helped me. It might be worth trying for you too. Hope that helps and that you get some relief! (remember, lots of water LOL) As an aside, hemp seed is a great source of omega 3 which is important in mom's health as well as the development of baby's brain and other organs. It does not contain THC.
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Dell Originally Answered: constipated and 5 weeks pregnant. what can i do?
You absolutely must on a daily basis drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water and eat many things with fiber (veggies, fruit, beans, whole grains, bran). Also getting exercise helps constipation - even if you just walk. Right now you can try eating some prunes, dates or drink prune juice to help your current state of constipation. It is approved for pregnant women to take over the counter medication Colace to help relieve the constipation. Colace is a stool softener.

Bassett Bassett
I know you said you don't want to take pills, but how about just a quarter of a pill at a time until, Lord willing, we get rid of that nausea. You need 3 things. Some B-6, some magnesium, and a pill cutter. Very inexpensive at Wal-mart. The pill cutter would probably cost more than the supplements. B-6 is for the nausea. Go to the pharmacy or a Walmart and some very inexpensive 50 mg. tablets and use the pill cutter to cut a bunch of them in QUARTERS. Put a quarter B-6 UNDER YOUR TONGUE (no, they don't taste great, but, if you are deficient, it won't be much worse than the taste of an aspirin.) about every half hour, more or less, until that nausea subsides. I have recommended this for pregnant people and people with the flu and people with food poisoning, and it has helped almost every time. The magnesium is for the constipation. You can take up to about 500 to 750 mg. a day to help keep things moving. Take it with some Activia, and/or a few sips of coffee if you are daring, and if you don't find yourself in the restroom pretty quickly, I'd be surprised. Most people, and especially pregnant people aren't getting enough magnesium in the US any more, and it is important for dozens of reasons. Regularity is just one of them. Edit: Or, for the constipation, you could try to chew on a handfull of natural unsalted almonds. They help a whole lot with constipation, and their dryness MIGHT keep you from getting sick on them. MIGHT. Chew well.
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Zibiah Zibiah
I have always had constipation problems before I was pregnant, here's what helped me. (1) When you are free, take your palm and gentlely press down on your tummy and rub in a circle CLOCKWISE (so if you start at the top of your tummy, turn to your left and then down and then up) for 30 times, twice a day (2) When you get up in the morning, drink a glass of warm water. (3) Banana + Milk (4) This works THE best, bleng papaya with milk, it taste nice and you will be going within a day, and no, not the BAD ache going, its just so smooth and nice.... this is in addition to eat veggies + fruit. For me, its weird, after I got pregnant, I became very regular... I hope that continues~ I am terrified of Hemmoheiods.
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Sheree Sheree
Oh I had such bad constipation that a laxative didn't even help so my OB gave me the option if an enema or going to the hospital and having them 'extract' it. The brand my OB had me go buy was called Fleets - enema which I bought at Walgreen's but she said that it was the one that worked best and if I couldn't find that brand It was ok to use any enema. This was back when I was around 8 to 9 weeks pregnant. 34 weeks pregnant now =)
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Peggie Peggie
I don't recommend any medicine while ur pregnant but eat some prunes they will help mix them in a salad if u cant have them alone or something like that don't eat to many if u ll eat around 7-10 it will cause u to have a D********sorry i know its nasty but if u ll eat about 3-4 maybe 5 then it should help you out i know it works cos that's what i was advised by my doula there dried fruit so there harmless ... Congratulations on your baby Best wishes and happy holidays and thanks for the baby dust. p.s i hope that helps .
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Marinda Marinda
I had it so bad once, I took an enema and it did NOTHING. I now drink PLENTY of water, eat oatmeal almost everyday and seriously limit my bread intake. I think the best thing to do is to try to prevent it. I am a lazy person but I have learned to adjust my diet to prevent constipation.
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Kristen Kristen
Hi, I am a nursing student and I am currently studying maternal nursing care. I would suggest drinking lots of fluids, increasing your fibre intake and exercising. Lactulose and saline or osmotic laxitives such as Milk of Magnesia should be harmless but i would strongly suggest you talking to your doctor before taking any medication as he or she can tell you more specifically which ones would be right for you.
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Jazmine Jazmine
I've been on stool softner for the whole third trimester. It helped out a lot. Apple juice also helped me out before that. And I like these fiber bars called fiber plus. They help you go and taste really good.
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Jazmine Originally Answered: Im 12 weeks pregnant - is it normal to be so constipated?
i actually had really bad constipation the first week to the third. my hemmoroids were one of my very first signs of pregnancy! (i never had them before in my life!) i ate a bowl of raisin bran, skim milk and a ripe banana every morning for brkfast and used an entire tube of PrepH in a week! I'm almost 12 weeks and all is normal in that area again. (I still have a new tube of PrepH in my drawer though cause you never know) oh, i also got total meat aversion so i'm wondering if the vegetarian diet is also helping my exit flow.

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