How to relieve knee joint pain effectively without much pain?

How to relieve knee joint pain effectively without much pain? Topic: How to relieve knee joint pain effectively without much pain?
November 17, 2019 / By Fowke
Question: I am actively into golfing and jogging and the knee joint is hurting more and more now. I am talking glucosamines to relieve the calf pain, but it seems the pain is recurring and I am not able to jog or go golfing anymore. Anyone has any suggestion?
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Daw Daw | 2 days ago
Hey, I have suffered from this pain in the knee joint for years and was similarly on glucosamine supplements but the pain didn't improve over time. I was introduced and check out this site http://legjointpain.com/knee-joint-pain-relief-platelet-rich-plasma that had a good topic on this non invasive knee joint relief treatment called Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP in short. It's sort of stem cell therapy and it works pretty well so far. Hope it helps.
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Daw Originally Answered: My wife suffers chronic pain from lupus. Joint pain, headaches,muscle pain, bone pain, sharp back pain and is?
The pain associated with lupus is usually a result of inflammation. The inflammation is the result of an immune system that has gone mad. If the inflammation is not treated the pain will return as soon as the drugs wear off. Lupus patients on pain management (which I think is a good idea in this case) often change meds periodically because patients can build up a tolerance to the pain medications, rendering them less effective. The pain causes anxiety (fear, depression, etc) which in turn aggravate the lupus and create more inflammation and pain. When you feel like your life and your body are out of control, of course you will be anxious. And telling someone to "just think positive" only causes more aggravation when you are in pain and afraid. You wife might considering seeing a pain management specialist for the pain and a good mental health counselor to deal with the emotional issues that come along with a chronic and incurable illness like lupus. Psychologists who work with oncology (cancer) patients are likely to understand the issues.
Daw Originally Answered: My wife suffers chronic pain from lupus. Joint pain, headaches,muscle pain, bone pain, sharp back pain and is?
lupus is painful. I have it, so I know. I hate to agree with the above answers but if you are addicted to the pain meds, your body will manufacture pain in order to get more.With the addict gene in my family, so far I have been able to choose rest, Aleve, etc to manage my pain. Prayer helps too. I'll pray for you and your wife.

Baptist Baptist
Hmm.. All I can say is just home remedies that are temporary. I too have knee probs, tendinitis in my right knee. I've had it for 8 years now, of course it's getting worse everyday. But all I can do is just self medicate. But anyway, ok try after jogging for sure an ice pack. This helps and swelling from occurring, and relaxes the muscles. I do this after work and shopping all day, sit down and lay an ice pack on my knee. Or if your a personal that likes hot, then by all means try a heating pad does the same. And you could also try taking a bath in Epsom salt, this has natural properties for muscles and for the joints. I do this at least every night, a good 15 minutes should do it. And during the day, try massaging the knee as deep as you can with any kind of pain cream like bengay, my personal favorite is biofreeze. You get it at the doctors, but just google it and you should find it. It really goes deep without hurting, it just gives you a relaxing feeling. And wrap your knee with a sports wrap, like those beige cloth sports wraps I get mine at walmart. And this usually lasts me through my activities. And you can redo it as much as needed. Another thing I rely on a lot lately, is salon pas. Thank God for the man that created those!! They are really good, you can try the arthritis one or the reg one. There good for 8 hours, I do the regular one, 3 times a day. So I highly recommend these. But of course as far as pill wise, since your already taking something and the pain is still there I would talk to your doctor about giving you something else more strong for the pain. The only prescribed pills I take for pain is tramadol 5mg, the first day I took it wow! I felt better than I had in years, but then by the 4th day of taking them it didn't work anymore. So if you are interested in this, you may need a higher dose. These go up to 500mg. I also take hydrocodone/aceptaminophen but this too wore off. So just take the tramadol in the morning, Tylenol during the day and hydrocodone at night. Alternate. But that's pretty much all I can tell ya, good luck and hope I helped :)
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Yannic Yannic
OK the majority of non-traumatic, non-degenerative knee pain is due to a misalignment in wither the pelvis or the feet. The rest is usually due to muscle imbalance. I would recommend that you see a chiropractor that specializes in extremity work. The should be able to help your condition. I really wish you the best
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Yannic Originally Answered: Joint Pain - in knee?
This is definitely one for a doctor. There are so many complications from eating disorders that it is hard to say what is actually going on. I will give you a few possibilities. If it is osteoporosis or something similar, take calcium supplements. There is a chocolate soft chew form I think it is called Vitracal. You can get it at Walmart - It is in a purple box. If it is arthritis you can take Triflex from GNC. I have arthritis and this product has completely eliminated my pain. If it is due to weaknesses in the muscles, ligaments or tendons you will need physical therapy to help you strengthen the joint. If it is due to poor posture or an alignment issue you will need to see a chiropractor. Actually, I suggest you see a chiropractor at least once to be evaluated. Most primary care physicians will not refer you to a chiropractor even if it is clear that you need chiropractic care. I had pain in my knee once that was so severe that they were talking about surgery to correct it. I went to a chiropractor and he said it was because my hip was rotated forward. It took many visits to get my hip to stay where it is supposed to be, but now my knee is free of pain and I never did have that surgery. There are so many possiblilites it is best to see a doctor for proper treatment.

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