What will happen when switching from Atkins to low-calorie diet?

What will happen when switching from Atkins to low-calorie diet? Topic: What will happen when switching from Atkins to low-calorie diet?
July 18, 2019 / By Foster
Question: I've done Atkins for the past year and found that after reaching within twenty pounds of my goal weight I can't lose any more. Its also not very practical when in college. Will I gain all the weight I lost back even if I switch to a low-calorie diet? Also, I use the treadmill at least an hour a day.
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Davy Davy | 1 day ago
It depends how low. Never go lower than 1200cal/day if you are under 150lbs and not lower 1500cal/day if you are over 150lbs. If Atkins work for you i would suggest you switching up your routine because body gets used to exercises and learns to save calories (spend less energy) - try other forms of cardio and dont ever go over 60min (all you need is 45min) -HIIT is one of the best bets. Plus do some weight training because cardio burns both - fat and muscle and the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn on a daily basis (higher metabolism)
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Try mixing a little big of cooked ground chicken/beef and rice in it. (Just a little) I usually do this when my Peke is stubborn and won't eat his food. Here is how to switch foods: "A new pet food should be gradually introduced to your animal by mixing it with their current food. For a nice, slow transition, replace the old food with the new in 10 perecent increments over the course of a 10-day period. It can take 4 to 6 weeks for a pet's digestive tract to adjust to a new diet. If digestive upset occurs, pull back and transition more slowly." Hope that helped! & Good job for switching to a better quality food!

Bambie Bambie
I lost 40 pounds on WW, but I find I maintain my weight best when I eat on Atkins within my allowed WW Points. So it's sort of a combination, I suppose. Atkins is terrific! I need the protein and too many of the good fruits and veggies put the weight right back on. I suspect most people need to find the right combination for themselves. No diet seems to be "one size fits all." Tweaking is good.
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Xylina Xylina
When you stop atkins you will start gaining back the weight regardless of whether or not you have a low calorie diet. This happened to me when i got off atkins. The weight gain will be quick and you will probably weigh more than you ever have before.
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Shaylyn Shaylyn
my sister & brother in law were on the adkins diet & lost tons. but what they ate was so much meat,& it wasnt good for their blood pressure/nor heart. they had no side effects getting off of it. but they went for a season undiscipling themselves on foods they were'nt suppose to have & gained, that was them though. i'm on a diet of steamed , broiled or grilled meat & salads & steamed veggies. try not to eat sugary products & no bread hardly, I do allow myself to get a treat every now & then & i have lost 40 lbs since May.
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Patricia Patricia
Try to stay low carb, not carb free and eat lots of veggies and LEAN protein. No bacon fat, etc. You should aim for low fat as well. Not no fat at all, but a low fat lean protein diet. Watch for hidden sugars in non fat items.
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Patricia Originally Answered: 500 Calorie Diet - 1k Calorie Burning Exercise ?
500 calories is way too little, and your body will go into starvation mode and eat your muscle (your heart's also a muscle). I would take in at least 1200 calories (at very minimum. 1400's healthier), and if you run for an hour every day plus your metabolism (I'd guess around 1800 calories), you'd be burning 2800 calories, so that'd be a 1400 calorie deficit. 3500 calories=1 pound, so you'd lose 1 pound every 3 days and a little more than 2 pounds every week. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but it adds up. That's 8 pounds a month. Good luck!

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