Is it possible for face cleansing products to cause breakouts?

Is it possible for face cleansing products to cause breakouts? Topic: Is it possible for face cleansing products to cause breakouts?
September 23, 2019 / By Avilon
Question: For the most part, I have very good skin. I've never had to do anything to my skin other than just clean it in the shower. I get the occasional pimple but nothing too serious. Every once in a while I use face cleaning products for a couple weeks or so (I use Clearasil face wash and Clean and Clear blackhead scrubbing pads). Every single time I use these products for a week at a time or more, I get tons of small pimples on my face. Is it possible that these prducts could be making me break out? I dont have oily skin and they are oil-free.
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Abigall Abigall | 7 days ago
Very definitely. The products are not made for every condition. If you are in your teens/20s get small items of products and experiment as to what fits your skin without breaking out. There are many skin diseases that cause an interaction with chemicals and could cause this reaction. I would suggest, if experimentation does not solve your problems, that you contact a Dermatologist to ascertain exactly your what skin allergies are so that you can pproperly care for yourself. Therefore you will not have pock marks or other things on your face caused by allergies. I
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Abigall Originally Answered: What is the best face cleansing routine?
Get something from your dermatologist first of all. I got a cream like a year ago and ever since my face has been really clear. Okay, here's what you should do: 1. Cleanse with an oil free, light cleanser. 2. Exfoliate. (I recommend exfoliating with oatmeal. It works really well) 3. Apply cream. You can also do homemade facial masks. The best way is to go natural so use food masks. It sounds disgusting at first to put food on your face but they work really well. My favorite is the strawberry facial mask. You mash up about 4 ripe strawberries, put the paste on your face (its just strawberries, nothing else), leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes and wash off with warm water. Your face will look so much brighter and feel so much softer, but only do this like three times a week. You can look up other home made facial masks for oily skin on google :) hope I helped

Storm Storm
The scrubbing pads may be too harsh for your skin. If your skin clears without using those products, I would look towards allergy to the product, or the bacteria that may get trapped on the scrubbing pads.
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Palu Palu
What happens is these products are doing just what they are supposed to, they are cleaning your skin, the substances are coming to the surface. Your skin should improve after a period of time. Other than that you could be allergic to something in the poroduct.
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Lionel Lionel
First, thank your lucky stars. You may have sensitive skin and may need to try other products. Or as the old saying goes, 'dont fix what aint broke'. You have nice skin and using other then simple soap is doing more harm then good.
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According to every peer reviewed study ever done, colon cleansing is nonsense. However, it is becoming a million dollar business, so you won't be the only foolish person out there who has bought into it. Hope this helps..

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