I just lost my Sister to Lupus yesterday! How do i deal?!?

I just lost my Sister to Lupus yesterday! How do i deal?!? Topic: I just lost my Sister to Lupus yesterday! How do i deal?!?
October 15, 2019 / By Devereux
Question: My sister was my everything!, my bff! ,she was one of two of the most important people in my life! and i lost her to lupus yesterday! She put up a good fight for 5 yrs. with it..I'm crushed, i don't know how to feel.. one minute I'm happy the next i'm crying my eyes out for my sister, i know its only been a day! she was just 25yrs old and she had 3 little boys...this is heartbreaking 4 me! Anyone who has lost a close sibling? How did u deal with it?..how did u overcome it?! I'm lost! Please help!!
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Bernie Bernie | 10 days ago
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I myself have had Lupus since a child. I lost my sister when she was 25, death is never easy to accept, there are 7 stages which one will experience during the grieving processes, it will take time, time and prayer will heal all wounds in time. Discuss your feeling with your parents your friends, stay close to her children, her life will grow with-in her boys. Do not be afraid to grieve, do not be afraid to seek a therapist if you need to, it is important to remember who your sister was how much you loved her. She will always be around you. She is at peace and with the Lord, no more pain and suffering. You will miss her deeply. I will keep you and your family as well as her 3 children in my prayers, May God Bless You All
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Bernie Originally Answered: my sister has lupus and she is real bad?
Lupus is an auto immune disease. Meaning, the body's own natural defense system (the immune system) attacks it's own tissues/organs instead of attacking foreign substances like bacteria and viruses. It is a life-long disease and can become severe. Though experts believe there is a genetic/hereditary component involved, the exact cause, as is true with other auto immune diseases, is unknown. Symptoms of the disease vary widely and they come and go. The disease can attack any organ of the body then subside and attack another, it's very complex. Though people don't die from Lupus itself, many can die from the complications caused by the disease such as pneumonia and other life threatening illnesses. If you want more information to better understand what your sister is going through just Google Lupus/Systemic Lupus, there is alot of info out there.

Abiram Abiram
omg..this is horrible. i am soooo sorry. i was laughing my as* off a minute ago for some stupid joke till i read this. i feel for u man. i mean , i haven't lost a sibling and i cant imagine how u must feel. but u have to realize that life goes on, and that some day u will be happy again. even though it doesnt feel like it at the moment. but ur sister would have wanted u to move on. but for right now, i think u have the right to just cry all u want and feel miserable. just dont do it for too long, otherwise u'll have a hard time going back to normal life. if u want to talk or something, u can always e-mail me or something.:-) i hope u'll get better soon.
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Sissy Sissy
Well I haven't lost a sibling, but I did lose my mother five years ago when I was 10 so I know what's it's like to lose someone close. I have talked with one counselor and one professional therapist/psychologist, (the therapist I talked to for 3 months, and that was actually this year, so I am still coping) and that did help somewhat to cope. Having friends to talk to and be supportive of you is also very important. Spend time with your other family as well. For what I've been through though, I can say time heals most wounds.
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Phrona Phrona
Right now you need to grieve. it shows you how important she was to you. there is one thing that you can do that might help you. Make a memory book for your sisters 3 boys. so they can remember their mom. you can find photos of her. write your memory's down of growing up with her. make it something as unique as your sister. I lost my dad in 1995 to brain cancer. every time I do something he did I have a happy memory of him. my dad was always great at finding the best parking spot no matter where he went. Now on days I don't feel good or I'm tired and go somewhere I always find the best parking spot!. My dad was always took care of me. Now i feel he still takes care watching out over me. Sorry for your loss! It is always hard loosing loved ones. It is going to take a while but, you will feel better! Right now you need to feel bad so you will get better. Big HUGS!!!
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Marybeth Marybeth
I am so sorry to hear of your loss and her children's loss. I have never lost a sibling but i lost my father. I would often hang out with friends to try to get it off of my mind. Talk about it often with a close buddy or another family member. Let her children know that you are there for them. This is a difficult time and believe it or not things will get better. Death is so hard for us to accept and cope with because we don't understand it. One day we will. God bless.
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Lana Lana
Im sorry for your loss...i have no advice..but im sure there is some type of support group for this type of thing...stay strong and just keep in mind that she is in a better place now.
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Lana Originally Answered: Any advice on how to deal with my family, I'm really lost here!?
I think that it may be too soon to overreact. i understand she has done this before, but maybe she was going through something else and it wasnt what u guys thought. maybe visit her unexpectedly another time and see if she is still acting weird. remember that checking up on her is for ur nephew's good. try to support her. maybe get her mind off of things. i know this may not sound like a good time to do this, but maybe take her for a overnight retreat at a spa and hotel where she can relax and get away from her past issues and resposibilities and just recover. or maybe help her send time with ur nephew. go to the zoo, an amusement park, bowling, or something just fun and interactive. I hope this helped!

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