are taking pills natural?

are taking pills natural? Topic: are taking pills natural?
November 13, 2019 / By Courtney
Question: like protien pills mutli vits, and weight loss pills example CLA with is FDA aproven thanks hit me back yeah kool
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Ash Ash | 9 days ago
Pills are not natural and most of all of them contain excipients that damage the body. Additionally, ALL drugs damage the body in some way and vitamins you buy in stores contain things like magnesium stearate that is an immune suppressant, trans fat, and nutrient absorption inhibitor. In fact, ALL pills contain about 5% of the total milligram content of the pill with this garbage. That means if you take a pill that has a total milligram content of 1,000 mg., you are getting 50 mg. of trans fat. Who needs that? No one. The FDA is not your or my friend. Last year over 106,000 people died in hospitals from drugs being legally prescribed by doctors, FDA approved medications that were designed to treat the specific illness the person had. Ask those people (if you could) what they think of FDA approved drugs now. Only 10,000 to 20,000 people died of illegal drugs last year. So 10.6 times the number of people died of legal drugs as did illegal drugs last year. Our war on drugs are aimed at the wrong people; don't you agree? The FDA is headed by an ex-Monsanto executive and over 50% of it's employees are ex-Monsanto employees. 80% of all the genetic engineering in this country is done by Monsanto. Is it no wonder all genetically engineered foods are labeled SAFE and do NOT require labeling? Now you cannot trace the problems GMO foods are doing to people because they are NOT labeled. Thank you FDA ! Did you know that Monsanto is now owned by a pharmaceutical company? So who is the FDA protecting? Hmmmm. good luck to you
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Ash Originally Answered: i thinking of taking diet pills to slim down?
diet pills are stimulents that raise your metabolism but when you go off them your metabolism is super slow and will cause you to gain all the weight back plus more even faster than you lost it

Valerie Valerie
What is your definition of natural? Because now-a-days there isn't anything you buy that is natural unless your buying organic and even then I sometimes question that. If you are asking if its healthy, yes and no. Its never a great idea to try and use synthesized methods to get vitamins or protein it is better to get it from food. However if you are not getting enough this could be a good way for you to get it. However you have to realize food is better then pills, and nothing is truly natural unless you buy organic. Never trust things you don't know whats in it, so research the pills first.
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Sedona Sedona
Vitamins and protein if you are working out sure - but weight loss pills have many dangerous side effects, I would stay away from them unless they are totally natural.
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Octavia Octavia
Depends upon your definition of "natural". Since the beginning of time man has taken drugs for various reasons such as St. John's Wort and chewing on poppy leaves "to relieve discomfort". But, since our modern day drugs are fabricated chemicals that don't naturally occur in nature, I would say "no". It really depends on the pill.
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Madeline Madeline
Well Multi-Vitamins are good to take one a day. Especially if you don't eat what you should or you miss out on those vitamins. Several on top of that can be overkill and always try to over-dose certain ones because it can build up the levels over time.
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Kenina Kenina
You don't speak the english so great. I am not taking the pills so natural. Are you taking the pills so natural? Good luck with that. Your picture is funny by the way. It looks like you cannot decide on black or white.
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Ivory Ivory
Your better off eating lots of raw veggies and fruits than vitamins. trust me i used to have a calceum problem. Since going green i have never had to take any claceum or any other stuff.
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Ellenor Ellenor
The only pill you really need is a Viatmin D, unless your and unhealthy eater, Then at most a multiviatmin. And you really dont need the Viatmin D if you drink milk and get plenty of sunlight.
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Ellenor Originally Answered: Taking fiber pills to lose weight?
What you just sad is " I gave up on my self ". There is no magic pill that will solve your problems. The only thing to lose weight you need is to be strong minded and to have iron will then arm your self with right knowledge seek for good nutritionist and doctor and you will succeed. Hope this helps

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