How do you grow a pineapple tree?

How do you grow a pineapple tree? Topic: How do you grow a pineapple tree?
June 19, 2019 / By Avery
Question: What are some good techniques to grow a pineapple tree? What environment do they grow in best? How long is it before you get a pineapple? Is there a planting season? Is there a type of soil that works best? Can you start a pineapple tree from a pineapple fruit? thanks I did not mean tree, i meant "plant"
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Abiah Abiah | 4 days ago
Cut the top off the pineapple and remove any remaining fruit as well as the bottom leaves so you have about 3" of bare stem. Let it sit out somewhere to dry out - this is key! Once it's dry THEN put it in water until you see the little white roots on the part of the stem where the fruit used to be. Plant it in a larger pot in decent potting soil and water it frequently. It should grow fine from there - mine did. Bring it inside in the winter if it gets cold where you are. In the spring take it out gradually or the sun will burn the leaves. If you're really lucky and you have a large enough pot, you MIGHT get a pineapple out of it. I've heard it takes 2 years, and I've only had mine for just over a year. We'll see.....
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Stew Stew
My sister planted a pineapple top for fun one time. We live in San Diego, CA, but the best places are tropical, like Hawaii. A pineapple takes 3-5 years to grow. My sister just planted her top into a large pot of soil and left it in a sunny location, and made sure she watered it daily. We actually got a real pineapple or two from that plant. You get a lot of leaves at first, then the fruit slowly grows out of the center. Good luck to you. =)
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Paisley Paisley
First, pineapples do not grow on trees. They are a bromiliad. The only way I know of to grow one is from the fruit. You cut the top leafy part off when you are preparing it to eat, and that is the part you need to plant. Just sit it on the soil, and topsoil will do. Make sure it stays moist, and you will know within a week if it took or not. It takes an average of 5 years to get a fruit. They grow in the tropics. They use LOTS of water. I lived in Panama for 15 years, and they were everywhere! Good luck!
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Linford Linford
Pineapples are tricky. They grow well in tropical--warm weather with well drained soil. They are actually part of the bromeliad family and grow on a small bush/spikey shrub type of thing. It is difficult to start from the top of the fruit, but definetly possible.
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