How can I get myself to poop if I'm constipated?

How can I get myself to poop if I'm constipated? Topic: How can I get myself to poop if I'm constipated?
May 22, 2019 / By Azazel
Question: Lately I seem to be a little constipated and it's getting annoying. I am having a bowel movement every day, but (sorry to be descriptive), the feces itself is very hard and difficult to get out. I haven't really changed my diet, so I'm not sure what could be causing it. What should I do about this? Whoa, how did this question get so many answers? Thank you so much to everyone.
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Wenonah Wenonah | 4 days ago
Usually speaking all you need to do is what everyone else here has advised - eat fiber and drink water. (Flaxseed is great for fiber) however there are a few medications that CAUSE constipation so you probably should check all your scripts for the side effects - also some conditions - like hypothyroidism - will cause constipation. So if you still have problems - in the end - consult your physician..
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Wenonah Originally Answered: Help! Do rabbits get constipated? My rabbit looks like its trying to poop but he cant. He keeps on crying.?
Hi YES Rabbits get constipated and can even need surgical help to resolve it if it is left untreated.. But what you describe could be other things as well. You really need to get him to a VET As soon possible.. Rabbits can die suddenly if left untrtreated and this sounds like its been going on for a bit Call your VET they should have an answering service or after hours number for weekends.. if not call a Different VET.. finally if none of that works call a local bunny place, pet shop, rehabber. rescue ceenter or even the zoo... Just dont let it go any longer if you love your bunny. It is obviosly in pain... Good Luck Wismom

Sharise Sharise
Stick your finger up your anus. This will help in the dislodging of the excrement, and allows for a neat prank to be played on your younger sister.
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Orna Orna
Drink alot of milk and then eating some bananas and eggs. This combo will make everyone rush to the bathroom fast lol
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Malina Malina
Drink a lot of water but not way too much because it can cause diarrhea. Also go walking or do something active. It helps.
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Kimberlee Kimberlee
Try drinking a tablespoon or 2 of olive oil . It works for me all the time . Do not drink too much because you will get diarrhea.
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Kimberlee Originally Answered: Why do I have to poop so much?
It really is all in your head.. Maybe you should try holding it every time you have to go at home so you'll have the bathroom close if anything happens. That way you'll get more confident about really being able to hold it for an hour even if you have to go and you won't get so terrified when you really have to plus you might, in time, stop thinking about it all the time..

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