what should I do if i've been constipated for five months?

what should I do if i've been constipated for five months? Topic: what should I do if i've been constipated for five months?
September 23, 2019 / By Amoz
Question: hey everyone I was wondering if someone could help me and be mature about it. I have been constipated for 5 months possibly more I went to the doctor in the very beginning and he gave me some medicine and I thought that it went away but it didn't. I never went back to the doctor and now I feel since its been so long that he would be upset if I went back so late. I go to the bathroom occasionly but barely anything comes out. I can go for days at a time without a bowel movement at all. I eat fruits and vegetables and I drink V8 a lot, I take vitamins, drink lots of water and I exercise alot also. I would like to know if anyone could think of what it is I have. I'm only 17 if anyone could offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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Tonya Tonya | 2 days ago
You might want to change your diet to figure out what could be causing your constipation. If your nervous about going back to your doctor you could find another one, or even a nutritionist might be better able to help you. They have enemas at Walmart you could try, they generally work within 5 minutes of taking them- and they are cheap. Also pineapple has digestive enzymes that could better help your body digest the food you eat. Prunes are a natural laxative. Apples are high in fiber. So maybe adding more of those to your diet could help. Senna is a plant that is a great laxative also, you could drink senna tea or dandelion tea. Dandelion tea is good for cleaning your liver of toxins which might be beneficial to you since you have been backed up for a while now. Also if your on certain medications like narcotic pain killers, anti depressants can cause constipation. Even certain vitamins could cause constipation- for example calcium is known to cause constipation. Cut out all dairy- and chocolate, pizza, processed foods, red meat, fried foods can cause constipation. If you have the ability try making your own vegetable juice with a juicer. When you drink processed or preserved juices like v8 it cuts out the natural fiber from vegetables
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Tonya Originally Answered: My two months old is constipated after introducing him to formula?
Formula is often constipating. It's harder for baby to digest than breastmilk. Is there some pressing reason you must be introducing formula now? If there is, introducing it gradually and give her body a chance to adjust. If, OTOH, you CAN continue to exclusively breastfeed (you can pump breastmilk if you need to be apart from your baby) that is best from every angle.

Rubye Rubye
you don't mention if you have been using laxatives frequently. it takes time to recover from those if you have. the basic formula is to consume 14 grams of dietary fiber for every 1000 calories you consume. you mention drinking lots water which is half the battle, but do you have any idea how much fiber you are getting? A food diary might help for a few days just to see. btw, V8 doesn't really help aside from its water content. It is vegetables with the fiber removed and a lot of salt added. You'd be better off munching on carrots and celery with a big glass of water. bbtw, "consuming fiber" doesn't mean taking a fiber supplement. it means eating whole, real food high in fiber.
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Nella Nella
I am speaking from experience of being overly constipated before. One: Speak to your doctor (obviously :3) two: but some stool softner, will take a few days for it to start working I personally recommend the 3,2,1 strategy Triple what ever the dose is for 3 days, then double it for a week, then take the recommended dose for a month. This does work. Also may i ask, have you been taking loads of pain killers? cause it could be medically induced by too much pain killers. Hope this helps <3
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Louisa Louisa
You can get her some baby suppositories that should help with that. Also, later on I would suggest entering more fiber into her diet.You can also give her apple juice or prune juice. That should help ease the constipation. Good luck and hope this helps.
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Katlyn Katlyn
Go to the doctor again and let them know that you're still having problems, maybe they can prescribe you something stronger. Eat leafy greens, fiber is the key word.
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Katlyn Originally Answered: My child is 3 months old and is very constipated we have tried Dark karo syrup, & deluted apple juice ?
Breastfed or Formula? And when your child finally does have a bowel movement, what is the consistancy? A baby is considered to be constipated if his poop is FIRM, DRY and PEBBLY! Crying while having a bowel motion, bleeding from the anus, abdominal pain and reduced appetite can ALSO be signs a baby is constipated. If your baby's poop is fluid, soft OR paste consistency, then he's NOT constipated. http://www.babycareadvice.com/babycare/g... I got a thumbs down for asking breast or formula? It makes a difference. When your baby is breastfed CONSISTENCY: Soft or runny. COLOR: Yellow, mustard to orange with little white flecks that look like seeds. FREQUENCY: Can vary from EVERY feed to ONCE every week or so. When your baby is bottle fed CONSISTENCY: Soft paste. COLOR: Grayish green, yellow, tan OR brown, depending on the type of formula. FREQUENCY: Once (sometimes twice) every 1 or 2 days. When your baby is eating solid food CONSISTENCY: Paste to formed stools. Often contains undigested food. COLOR: Can VARY depending on WHAT has been eaten. FREQUENCY: Can be less frequent - particularly for a breastfed baby. http://www.babycareadvice.com/babycare/g... I have also read that yogurt may help with constipation. Check with the links above because they have some treatment recommendations.

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