Healthy vegan food?

Healthy vegan food? Topic: Healthy vegan food?
October 14, 2019 / By Allysdare
Question: What are the healthiest vegan recipes. I'm trying to lose weight, and have noticed that some vegan people are actually quite overweight. Are there any recipes that are almost all veggies and spices or natural flavoring?
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Terri Terri | 3 days ago
Here is a great website with a ton of healthy vegan recipes. Also, do whatever it takes to get in 3-5 servings of vegetables per day. Lots of fruits and veggies will help fill your body with healthy food. And drink lots of water. :) http://fatfreevegan.com/
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Terri Originally Answered: is there a cookbook that contains all 3 types of veg - vegetarian, vegan, and raw - food recipes?
Most vegetarian cookbooks will tell you how to adapt recopies to make them vegan, but your better off buying a vegan cookbook. The same thing goes for raw food diets. I'm an ovo-vegetarian, so most my meals are vegan, except the few that include eggs but not dairy. -- Vegetarian and Vegan Recopies http://www.vegan-food.net/ -- Simple Vegan Recopies http://www.simpleveganrecipes.co.uk/ -- Vegan Recopies http://vegweb.com/index.php?action=recipes

Rosaleen Rosaleen
being healthy has nothing to do with being Vegan. Vegan is an ethical choice, rather than a dietary choice. I recently have been cleaning up my diet and I took out all wheat and sugar. That helped me loose weight gradually without restricting anything else. It was difficult because I love gluten, but I've lost 25 lbs since january. I am vegan btw and so whatever I do is within that framework. The key is to have the majority of your lunch or dinner be vegetables, rather than carbs. They can be steamed, boiled, baked whatever, but when you look at your plate 75% of what's there should be vegetables and the remaining can be rice, noodles, grains, etc. Fruit is best for breakfast. If you aren't big on fruit try fruit juice. This is much more easily digested.
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Mora Mora
I'm a vegetarian, but I do eat a lot of vegan meals. My favorite vegan meal would be brown rice with peas with a slice of avocado on the side. For a snack or a quick meal, I'll eat wheat bread with peanut butter & some soy milk. But a lot of the way you get your protein is by eating tofu with some veggies, eating lots of nuts or beans (pinto or lima), and Also, there is a brand of ice cream that is organic & dairy free, which is called So Delicious. I usually have the Creamy Vanilla flavor. Well, I hope I helped!
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Lisha Lisha
A big key to losing weight is eating fruit for breakfast, yet waiting 30 minutes and letting it pass through your digestive system and cleanse you appropriate. Fruit moves very quickly and won't be able to clean you are potently when you have ate it with other food and let it travel with that food.
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Karena Karena
A favorite of mine is tree bark with a little pesto sauce. The texture is unique. To take away the bitter add cinnamon.
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Karena Originally Answered: What foods can you eat when your a vegan that is healthy?
You can't eat anything that came from an animal - e.g. milk, cheese, eggs, meat and fish (obviously). If you make sure you're getting the food types you need daily then it's very healthy - however that's the hard part! Protein is the main thing you'll be lacking. As long as you eat lots of foods like pulses (lentils, beans) or soy-based products (e.g. Quorn) you should be okay. Calcium is another thing, but if you're substituting real milk for soy or rice milk then you'll be fine - both soy and rice milk are high in calcium. There are also tablets you can take to supplement for these different food types. If you're seriously considering it then it might be worth buying a book on it - there are hundreds out there that will give advice on what kind of things are good to eat. Obviously depending on what country you're in (I'm from the UK), there are lots of foods available if you look around. Vegan can be a bit awkward when eating in restaurants or buying pre-made foods though.

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