What are some fun, free/cheap activities we can do?

What are some fun, free/cheap activities we can do? Topic: What are some fun, free/cheap activities we can do?
June 16, 2019 / By Avalona
Question: I am volunteering to be a buddy to a 45 year old woman with down's syndrome. I'm not sure what her financial situation is like but I don't want to take her bowling or to the movies or to lunch and just expect her to pay money, just in case she doesn't have much. She doesn't know what things approximately cost either, so if I just ask her if she has money to go bowling she will likely say yes (last week she thought 2 dollars was enough to buy lunch and a hot chocolate). So what are some fun, free or very cheap activities we can do together? We have gone to the park but now the weather is getting cold, so preferably some indoor activities. The only thing I can think of is going to the mall, which we do often enough already. I'm just looking for some different ideas, please share! Thanks!
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Abelia Abelia | 1 day ago
Check around town at the deals for different things. Places like art museums normally have free days, bowling alleys normally have like dollar bowling nights, where I live we have a movie theater that's only $3 and some days $1.75. Maybe you could browse around the mall or spend time at the library. Sometimes craft stores will have free demonstrations, I know Michael's arts and crafts has them if there is one near you.
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Abelia Originally Answered: What are some cheap great summer activities I can do with my friends?
if you live in the uk go out and play football it's a real good friend sport :) if you live somewhere really hot chances are you like by the sea just go swimming lots and lots! or buying world of warcraft and stay inside but you will probably be inside for a LONG time and get hooked. like most do :(
Abelia Originally Answered: What are some cheap great summer activities I can do with my friends?
ROAD TRIP! maybe u and you're friends have relatives on the way to NYC or Chicago. u can always find something to do. my bro is having jaw surgery for like 20 grand this summer so my parents had to pick something cheaper like Chicago. my step brother lives there and my dad used to.(my real dad died when i was 7) when he graduated, my brother went on a road trip with a bunch of his friends to New York cause one of 'em had relatives in PA and NYC. they had a great time and it wasn't a ton of money.

Steve Steve
There are always the good ol' board games and card games You could create a photo scavenger hunt--take a picture of everything on the list--which you could do practically anywhere, then you can use the pictures to make a photo collage or whatever check out the museums in your area--some will have a specific evening of the week that is free or cheaper You could do some baking--cookies or whatever
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Page Page
Go to a public library. Look at books of interests. (children books or magazines section) Sit down and encourage her to read out loud or if she can't then you read to her. Sometimes at the public library they have puppet hour for the younger children. I would look online to see when the library offers events in your community. Take City Bus around town and look at the Holiday decorations around town. (no more than hour on a bus) It's a cheap way to sit on a bus for an hours route. Couldn't be more than $5.00 for both of you. While your on the bus you can make it into a game. Let's count how many black trucks or cars we see today. Stimulate her mind.
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- Crafts are always a good way to have fun - Perhaps you can try cooking - Go bird watching/animal watching (you only need binoculars) - Go out to the movies - Boat trips (renting a people-powered boat doesn't cost a lot) - Personally, I take my family out skiing several times a month. It cost quite a lot, but they have some extremely good deals for often visitors. If you have a ski resort near you don't turn out the opportunity - Mini Golf

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