Is my newborn kitten constipated?

Is my newborn kitten constipated? Topic: Is my newborn kitten constipated?
June 19, 2019 / By Vivyan
Question: I have been caring for an orphaned newborn kitten for the past two days. I am guessing he is 1 to 2 weeks old. He has been eating pretty good out of a bottle. He has urinated, but not pooped. Should I be concerned and what should I do to help him?
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Shannen Shannen | 7 days ago
It depends on what you're feeding him and you should check with a vet (if you haven't already). Mother cats have to 'encourage' their kittens to poo, which they do by licking the kitten's anus (yes, they generally eat the kitten's poo for the first few weeks). You may be able to duplicate Mom's encouragement by using a VERY warm washcloth every couple of hours on the kitten's anal area. You don't want it scalding, but you do want it very warm (cats' body temperatures are much higher than humans).
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Shannen Originally Answered: My newborn daughter keeps getting constipated?
Are you feeding her formula or breastfeeding? Too much iron can cause constipation. If it's in the formula change it. If you are breastfeeding, are you taking iron or any other supplements? It usually has to do with the type of milk the baby is getting. Press the pediatrician to provide a solution.

Orchid Orchid
Yes, you should be concerned. At that age, the kittens don't necessarily know how to "go" on their own yet. The mother licks their rectum after they have fed in order to stimulate them to poop. To mimic this, after bottle-feeding, wet a cottonball (I've found that warm water works best) and GENTLY stroke the area, including the area between the back legs. It may take a minute, but don't do it for too long or you'll irritate the area. If it doesn't work in the first minute, wait 10-15 minutes and try again. If you still have problems getting the kitten to poop, you should consult a vet.
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Makayla Makayla
Take a warm damp rag or cotton balls and rub it several times on his rear to help produce a movement. When the mother licks their bottoms, this is what she is doing. Do this a few times a day. The kitten needs to have bowel movements to survive. Make sure to feed him kitten formula in a bottle every two to three hours around the clock and keep him warm as his mother is not there to supply body heat. Good luck.
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Kiarra Kiarra
Yes, he shouldbe pooping every day. Try rubbing his bottom (under the tail) gently with a warm washcloth. This mimics the sensation of his mother licking him to get him to poop. If this doesn't work, consult your vet. You might want to ring the vet anyway and ask if they'd want to see your little kitty. Good luck!
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Jakki Jakki
Urinating is a good thing, but the best thing to do is call your local shelter or vet for advice, since the kitty is so young.
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Enya Enya
ok in the beginning if it is one section formula to 2 areas water u could use one tabs spoon of formula and a pair of tablespoons of water! yet a mom cat many times licks the butt total to help the kittens poop! attempt putting on rubber gloves and wetting ur finger somewhat and rubbing the yet total section! i understand this may appear somewhat gross yet hello if it is going to artwork u have been given to do what u have been given to do!
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Enya Originally Answered: orphaned kitten constipated?
First of all, stop giving her human baby formula. She is 5 months old and needs kitten food. No milk. Most cats/kittens are lactose intolerant and will get diarrhea from the formuls. Give her kitten food. Plain and simple kitten food. Canned kitten food with a little added water will solve your problem. 5 month old kittens do not need milk, kitten or otherwise.

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