I've replanted some strawberries but the leaves are now drooping?

I've replanted some strawberries but the leaves are now drooping? Topic: I've replanted some strawberries but the leaves are now drooping?
September 19, 2019 / By Avaline
Question: A few days ago, I've dug out some strawberry plants to replant them in another spot and now the leaves on the plants are dropping like that it's dying. I cleared the old soil from the root before replanting it. Have I done something wrong? Is there any ways to rescue them?
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Abegail Abegail | 9 days ago
This should be of help to you with more advice on that. http://landscaping.about.com/od/shrubcare/Care_of_Shrubs_and_Bushes_Pruning_Shrubs.htm
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Stephen Stephen
Well, first off it's probably too hot. Move strawberries in the spring or in the fall in some areas. When I move strawberries, I don't remove the old soil. I try to lift the plants and get them into their new home as quickly as possible. I put them into pre-dug spaces that I've watered and allowed to drain, then I go back and fill in the "old" holes with soil or compost. Since you've already moved them, get some shade over them now. I do mean right now. Edit: Forgot to mention that a mistake people often make is to plant strawberries to deep. You don't want to bury the crowns.
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Pace Pace
Water well, then put shade on them if its really hot. You don'twant to disturb roots on a plant when you transplant. It is probably in shock. If it looses its leaves..they will probably grow back. But make sure you didn't plant too deep. That crown or those brown parts at the end of the stem on leaves should be out of the ground.
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Lincoln Lincoln
Strawberry harvest season is over so it might be it's natural cycle. However, this really isn't the best time of year to be transplanting anything due to the heat and lack of abundant rains of the spring. ONly luck will have it whether the plant will establish it's roots and survive or not.
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