What is a healthy dog food brand I can find in LA?

What is a healthy dog food brand I can find in LA? Topic: What is a healthy dog food brand I can find in LA?
November 23, 2019 / By Toria
Question: My family usually buys Disney's Old Yeller, and sometimes pedigree (the yellow bag with a...blue ribbon I think). I was wondering if there's any healthier food I can get for her around here in LA, or even online if it's affordable enough. And any tips on storing large amounts of food? We usually just put the open bag in a trash sized plastic bin with a cover, but the cover doesn't seal. It just covers.
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Rylee Rylee | 8 days ago
I generally don't recommend grocery brand dog foods at all. They are often filled with corn and other fillers. Try to find a premium, natural dog food from a pet specialty store. Something without corn (which dogs can't digest and can be an allergy issue), no wheat (another allergy issue), and no by-products (which can have heads, feet, and intestines). Personally, my dogs eat Nutro Natural Choice dog food. Its all natural with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, no corn, wheat, or by-products. It uses real meat as the first ingredient which is more digestible for dogs, and makes the food taste better for them. Natural Choice is also the only brand guaranteed to improve your dogs skin and coat as well. My dogs love their food and do great on it. I like it because Nutro makes all their own products in THEIR USA facilities and do over 600 quality checks on their products each day. That let's me know I am feeding my dog some of the healthiest food I could buy. I hope that helps! Geoffrey Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company
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Rylee Originally Answered: Good healthy dog food brand?
Really there is no brand of dog food that is terrible for all dogs. Certain dogs might have allergies or sensitivities to some foods. All brands of dog food must meet up with certain guidelines set forth by the Association of American Feed Company Owners (AAFCO). Now, some brands just meet up with the minimum, where ad other brands go a bit farther as far as quality and ingredients go. Personally, I feed my dogs Nutro Natural Choice dog food. It is all natural with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservstives, no corn, wheat or by-products. My lab loves his food and does amazing on it. My favorite thing about it is that Nutro does make all their own foods in their own USA facilities and do over 600 quality checks on their products each day. That makes me feel comfortable feeding it to my dog. I hope that helps! Geoffrey Pet Nutrition Specialist for The Nutro Company
Rylee Originally Answered: Good healthy dog food brand?
Check dog food advisor and look them up. Taste of the wild. Origen. Diamond. All are good. I feed diamond naturals extreme athlete. It's a 5 star dog food and is about 40 bucks for 40 pounds. There is better food out there but for the price of quality you can't beat it. My rottweiler s coats look like mirrors and all have gained good muscle since I switched

Nerine Nerine
Need to use a container that seals well such as tupperware. Put some in the container to use daily and close up the bag really well. If air gets to the kibble in the bag it can go rancid. Pretty much any food you do not get at the grocery store is an improvement. Go to an independent dog store - not Petco or Petsmart. Kibble is the least nutritious dog food but the most affordable. If you want to feed kibble, here are some good brands - Pure Vita Acana NutriSource Fromm Natural Planet Organics If you can, feed dehydrated at least 4 times a week - Honest Kitchen, NRG, Pureformance, K9 Natural No foods or ingredients from China - http://animalgrace.wordpress.com/ Ernest Bortfeld
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Luanne Luanne
You can get dog food containers for storing dog food at petco or petsmart. They come in different sizes and will seal shut. For the dog food brands, some good ones (and reaosnably priced) are taste of the wild, or wellness/ wellness core. Avoid grocery store brands. They are very low quality and have lots of fillers and chemicals. If you can, try to get a grain free brand. This is overall much healthier for dogs, since they cannot digest grains whatsoever. It's just used in pet foods as cheap filers. http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-r... http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-f... Make sure you don't get any Food/treats that are made in china. Some good treats are pure bites, barkstix, or homeade dehydrated meat treats. http://www.truthorfiction.com/rumors/b/b... http://www.dogtreatkitchen.com/homemade-dog-treats.html
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Luanne Originally Answered: what is the deal with off brand food vs name brand food?
Before World War II most people preserved and canned their own produce and cooked everything from scratch, so although they would buy some imported goods (like sugar, or cocoa powder) there wasn't much choice, and they were mostly named brands with maybe two different options. In the latter part of the 20th century, there was lots of competition - more and more people deciding to market 'convenience' foods, and canned products, mixes, and so on - some reasonably nutritious, others basically junk. It's a buyer's market, so evidently people bought this stuff as it continued to be produced. Then of course, since people wanted cheaper stuff, supermarkets did deals with branded companies to produce unbranded equivalents that they could offer less expensively. And STILL some people buy branded food. The best thing is to use as few processed foods as possible. Buy locally grown fruit and veg, etc (organic if possible) and do your own freezing/canning/jamming etc.

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