What is the best dog food for a boxer?

What is the best dog food for a boxer? Topic: What is the best dog food for a boxer?
June 18, 2019 / By Avalina
Question: I just purchased a male boxer puppy and I have heard Boxers are prone to some health issues. First what would be the best food for a boxer puppy? Second, once he gets of age what would be the best food for an adult Boxer? Lastly, if I get a high quality food would vitamins even be necessary? Thanks for all your responses! Jason
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Abbye Abbye | 8 days ago
my parents used to have a boxer; and always fed her NUTRIPETĀ® Chicken Meal & Rice Formula For Dogs. She lived to be 14 years old; and was healthy up until that point besides having some arthritis issues in her later years. We now feed it to our border collie; and he absolutely loves it!!! We did research on many other dog foods before deciding to give this one a try; and found out that most other dog foods have added fillers; such as by-products, corn, wheat, or soy fillers. from the research that I have done; the Nutripet contains added pro-biotics to promote optimal digestion and boost the immune system, optimal levels of omega fatty acids* and antioxidants to promote a healthy coat and skin, premium quality, highly digestible chicken meal, rice, and oatmeal, and fruits and vegetables including peas, carrots, apples, and cranberries. All in all; I found it was a good source of 100% balanced nutrition!! Anyways; thats just my opinion, though, maybe give it a try!! I have included a link of where I get it from. (By the way, I do believe that Boxers and American Bulldogs are the best dogs!!!)
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Abbye Originally Answered: Dog Food? My dog is 1/2 Pug~1/2 Boxer. He weighs about 28 pounds and refuses?
That is a dilemma. I tour petstores educating people on pet nutrition and what I suggest is to find a premium dog food. - NO by products, NO corn, all natural ingrediants. (The one dog food I recommend is Nutro Natural Choice - www.nutroproducts.com read up on them and thier guarantees and benefits). For your dog I'd probably put him on Nutro Max. It's higher in protein and fat is more alluring to dogs who don't eat. There's a small bite also if that's more suitable. The food will help w/ his hair loss, immune system, dental, nervous and brain function, joint lubrication - preventing arthritis and dysplasia and A LOT more. You should only feed your dog dry food. Canned only on occasion. Canned gets stuck in the teeth and causes rot and decay. The dry food brushes the teeth as he chews. If he won't eat the dry food - put some water on it (or you can try chicken or beef broth - they are all natural) and put it in the microwave. This brings out the aroma and makes it more alluring. Feed your dog on a schedule. Put the food down and after 10-15 min. if your dog hasn't eaten pick it back up till the next feeding. He'll eat when he's hungry enough. Prevent him from eating the cat food. Thats why he isn't eating his food. Cat food is higher in protein and fat than dog food. If you had to choose between a big mac and a salad which would you choose?? LOL. It's not that it's harmful but it doesn't have the right nutrients that he'll need. Hank will need to eat about 1-1 1/2 cups a day. I have a Golden Retriever who is 55-60lbs and she only eats 2 cups a day and is very healthy, energetic and has a great coat. Good Luck

Stephanas Stephanas
It's important to feed a dog right from the start. Basically I do not think it is necessary for vitamins etc if the food is free of preservatives which is really very concentrated in commercial dog food and you are feeding him natural balance diet. Do not give too much salt as it will make dog hair came of easily. I use the dietary advices from the same source as pocarose.
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Paden Paden
It is best to feed them either a high quality puppy food or a raw diet. Boxers are gassy and a poor dog food with make the gas much worse. We own 3 Boxers and they all love veggies-carrots, peas, green beans, etc (cooked of course). With them being prone to hip problems a supplement of glucosamine and chondroitin will help.
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Leyton Leyton
We feed natures domain from costco. It is grain free. It is the same ingridients as taste of the wild pacific just a little less money. Its for all life stages. Our dogs do wonderful on it. Boxers are lean dogs cheap foods make them look and feel awful!
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Jareb Jareb
I have 2 dogs, a maltese (105 doggy years) and a labrador. I have never fed them with commercial dog food before as I am wary about the preservatives content. For the past years, I have fed my dogs with natural homecooked food from dog recipes.
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Fred Fred
I put together a couple of videos which will hopefully help: This one is on how to pick a diet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgQTVj0c2... This one is about raw feeding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwB-w5ImP... As to your other question: Supplementation of vitamins would not be recommended provided you are feeding a balanced diet. (In particular fat soluble vitamins are a big no-no without a particular reason for them, water soluble ones, they'll just pee out if you feed too much).
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Deforest Deforest
i would reccomend a 4 star quality brand. i have a boxer too and they have really delicate stomachs. i tryed cheap brands and he would not even taste it. i tryed 6 star brand and he would eat it, but it gave him really bad gas and diarrhea. then i tryed the 4 star quality, Blue Buffalo and its perfect. my dog loves it, its healthy, it has no corn or by-products. blue buffalo has food for puppies, adults, and seniors.
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Deforest Originally Answered: Nutrition and Diet Tips For A Female Boxer?
I was in a similar position, I was not ready to handle the intensity so I got a trainer at the gym and told him what I was doing, he gave me a diet- chicken, brown rice. and I was glad that I did not jump right into it Here are a few links that should help: http://www.boxingscene.com/forums/archiv... http://ezinearticles.com/?Boxers-Diet-Fo... good luck!

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