My mom won't buy healthy food?

My mom won't buy healthy food? Topic: My mom won't buy healthy food?
November 23, 2019 / By Susie
Question: So my mom has been exercising and eating healthy lately but she continues to buy unhealthy food me me and if I mention anything about wanting to eat healthy or lose weight she thinks I'm going to start starving myself! She say she wants support for her being healthy but she wont give me support! I know I am a bit overweight, I'm 15 and weigh 130 pounds
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Randy Randy | 9 days ago
ask her to buy you some fruit and say you are trying to get healthy... see if you can educate her on how to make meals healthier. steam, bake, microwave, roast and grill food instead of frying it. eat big portions of veg, salad and have fruit for snacks. tell her you would like wholemeal bread, then use less butter / spread on it. just make some small gradual changes. every little bit helps. 5 A DAY http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/5ADAY/Pages/P... Healthy food swaps http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/loseweight/Pa...
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Randy Originally Answered: Why is healthy food at fast food restaurants more expensive than regular food?
Because the ingredients in the unhealthy food are so cheap they're actually cheaper than the healthy stuff. In the past fruit & vegetables always used to be cheaper than animal products, but thanks to some modern inhumane intensive farming methods and new methods of carcass processing (for example "mechanically recovered/separated meat" etc) its very cheap to get a bit of animal on your plate these days. What part of that animal though is another question (its not even technically meat most of the time), but when its all processed into a nice nondescript paste which is then cooked up in a shape with some flavourings & additives etc people don't seem to really care! But yeah. I know farming, i know food factory work. I've lived/worked in both and i've done a lot of research on these matters too, and long story short my advice is: Save your pennies up for the better quality healthier food and avoid such processed foods (chicken nuggets, cheap sausage meat, burgers etc) like the plague! You'll be doing your health a big favour- its not just gross & fattening a lot of what they put in junk/fast food, there are major concerns over the long term health implications over a lot of the other things they add to food.

Mercy Mercy
A lot of time all that junk is bought becuase it is quick an easy and after a long busy day it is nice to have in the fridge/freezer. I stay home and cook probably 99% of ou meals completely from scratch. I am lucky. Any way sit down and talk to your Mom. Tell her you worry about the whole families eating habits. No comes that harder part for you. A commitement to help with the making of meals and shopping. Sit down with a couple fo recipes you know the whole fam will love, such as a healthier or even home made version of the norm fave foods. Then have to go with that a shopping list. Then tell your Mom you will make say 2-3 meals a week. Or you and your Mom could get together on Sat or Sun and make and freeze meals for the whole week. Think of ways to make one big thing and use the left overs to make a healthy dinner another night that is totally different from the first nights meal. Congrats to you, but since you are the one who wants to eat healthier it is up to you to shoulder the work. At least for now and show your Mom how easy and simple it can be.
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Leola Leola
Well eat everything only thing you need to do is don't drink soda don't eat bread, don't eat chocolate or fast food no chips nothing that comes a box is good. Prepare your own food drink water and do exercises.
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Jordan Jordan
Don't mention anything about losing weight to her cause it'll probably freak her out. Just tell her that her new lifestyle is inspiring you to be healthy and ask her to buy you some healthy food. If that doesn't work just start eating her food and she'll be forced to buy you some.
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Gennie Gennie
Maybe she doesn't have that much money at the time, don't get in a conflint with her, she's your mom lol. And yeah, get your fat *** on the track!
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Gennie Originally Answered: how much food is healthy for me i have high metabolism my friends think i am anorexic i eat tons of food?
Eat healthful foods (and occasional treats) when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Eating tons of junk is unhealthy for everyone, regardless of your weight.

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