Isn't healthy food cheaper than junk food for one reason - You don't have to eat as much of it to get your en-

Isn't healthy food cheaper than junk food for one reason - You don't have to eat as much of it to get your en- Topic: Isn't healthy food cheaper than junk food for one reason - You don't have to eat as much of it to get your en-
December 9, 2019 / By Shirley
Question: ergy? For instance, you get more energy from one apple than 5 bags of potato chips. So healthy food is cheaper.
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Best Answers: Isn't healthy food cheaper than junk food for one reason - You don't have to eat as much of it to get your en-

Petula Petula | 8 days ago
Healthy food id definately cheaper then junk food which is prepared food.......beans,rice fruit & raw veggies all cheaper than chips and cookies. Water ( tap ) much cheaper than soda.
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Petula Originally Answered: Is what I'm doing healthy or am I technically starving myself, for some reason i'm not craving junk anymore. .?
Your diet sounds fine. It's amazing how much healthy food you can eat and still stay 1200-1300 calories. I am doing the same thing and was surprised. As long as you stay at or above that, you're not starving yourself or in starvation mode. You just aren't craving junk anymore since your body has gotten used to eating healthy foods. That's great! Try upping the intensity at the gym. You should be able to burn more than just 200-300 calories in an hour.

Marley Marley
On the contrary- junk food is actually more expensive. Energy has nothing to do with it, because people who eat junk food are not eating it just for energy. And people who eat too much can eat plenty of "healthy" food and STILL eat a lot of junk food. You may get more energy from 5 bags of potato chips, but an apple is not going to make most people feel full. S a poor person is still going to buy 5 bags of cheap potato chips over one apple. Besides, it is hard to split one apple with a family, and poor folks are often ignorant of health issues, and they simply do not know the nutritional value of most of the food they eat. And a person who eats too much is going to want FIVE apples AND the potato chips. Ultimately, you are over-simplifying the problem. It is much more complicating than this.
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Kyrsten Kyrsten
Having been the person responsible for buying and preparing meals for my family for the past 15 years, I have to disagree with your assertion that healthy food is cheaper than junk food. Pure, healthy foods are practically a luxury item, they always carry the heftiest price. Fresh foods, whole grains, and lean meats are 3 or 4 times more expensive than their regular, less healthy counterparts. And, having lived in several states, this isn't just a local trend in pricing. The cheapest food items that can be purchased are laden with fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. Muffin mixes, white pastas, cheesy powdered concoctions, fried foods, processed mixed meats, rices and potatoes, sugary snacks, chips, etc. I've seen no evidence to suggest than a pound of quality food is cheaper than a pound of junk. Go to a local food bank and see what they give to the needy. It's not quality food, it's a lot of starches and processed junk - because pound for pound, it's much cheaper and goes a lot further.
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Jemma Jemma
Foods bad for you are way cheaper then healthy foods and its not that poor people don't know the healthier food is better for them they just know they have to eat now and they can only spend what they can afford to feed the family that they have. Anyone should know this I mean look you pay almost as much for a gallon of milk as u do a case of pop. Meat look the lean portions ten times higher then the ones filled with grease and fat. We have an over weight country for two reasons one is many poor people buy unhealthy foods because its cheaper and many people have two people working in the home and kids to run around so lets face it for them its not about the cost its the convenience. America will never be thin we don't have the life style that allows it. Even if you have money your busy to earn that money therefore you will buy out or buy frozen processed food. Not the fifties anymore when moms stayed home and cooked a healthy meal government wants both parents working and they have it at the cost of our nations health.
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Felicity Felicity
No, healthy food is more expensive than cheap food. Compare macaroni and cheese with a baked potato. You can buy a box to feed several people for less than a single baked potato. Regular meat always costs more than that with preservatives (such as baloney) unless it is this week's loss leader. Unless on sale, a case of Coke costs less than 3 cans of grape or orange juice (100% juice, not the drink; store brands have added sugar). Some things ARE cheaper, but that assumes that you know how to cook (like beans). It is largely because of this why those on welfare tend to be quite overweight - cheap food just doesn't cost as much. In the long run, in terms of illness, healthy food is cheaper, but if you only have $60 to feed two people for the month, you go with what has the most mileage.
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Courtney Courtney
It's actually the complete opposite. Junk Food is higher in calories than things such as an apple, usually by a lot. A Bag of chips (small one) probably has as much as 2-4 apples.
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Betony Betony
Energy as in Sugar? yes there is more carbohydrates which can be converted to sugar from apples than chips, pound for pound. But cheapness has nothing to do with nutrition. More nutritious foods don't always have higher caloric count. Cheap snack food is cheap because it is highly processed, making it easier to ship, etc. and in doing so it loses its nutrition. Fats and chemicals are added to preserve it on the shelf. Like High fructose corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils. So long term health is better achieved by eating whole foods. cheap or not.
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Betony Originally Answered: How can I fight "junk-food/fast-food" urges?
It's up to you to fight these urges. You have to be dedicated to being healthy. It's not just about how you look... it's about your health and what that crap does to your insides. If you are avoiding taking chemical appetite suppressants... think of what is in fast food products! Go watch Supersize Me. The longer you avoid that stuff, the easier it gets to pass it up. You will find your cravings will come up less often, and subside more quickly.

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