My Baby seems constipated what can i Do?

My Baby seems constipated what can i Do? Topic: My Baby seems constipated what can i Do?
May 22, 2019 / By Shaniqua
Question: The night before she was going crazy crying and we had realized she had only pooped a couple times and they were really paste like. Then she had a couple good ones. Now she has not pooped for about 19 hrs it seems and the last one was very good a lot and creamy like. We alternate breastfeeding and formula here and there so. We give her good start but she was not showing these signs with similac before that but the goodstart can is almost done so not sure if its the difference in formula or not.
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Orabel Orabel | 5 days ago
My dude sometimes misses a day. His doc said it's totally normal as long as he didn't seem like he was in pain. To help her out, try a warm bath, maybe give her an ounce of warm water. Constipation is due to dehydration. No extreme, but you get what I mean right? If she does seem like she's in pain, call your doc. Everyone is going to give you different ideas on what to do, but your doc would know best, and you should follow their advice before anyone else's.
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Orabel Originally Answered: Why does my baby keep getting constipated?
Some doctors are idiots when it comes to advice. For two weeks give you baby only one formula and if on solids give applesauce once a day or 2 oz of diluted apple juice. Don't give baby anything else. See if it improves. I think there is far too much change for baby's body to adjust. A little constipation is quite normal in formula fed babies. Some only go every 2 days. Give your baby's body some time to adjust!

Mahlah Mahlah
I found that half a teaspoon of brown sugar (not raw) in some warm boiled water did the trick for my daughter, or a warm bath and 'peddling' their legs. Goodluck, 19 hours isnt too much to worry about though, if she is in distress over it keep feeding breastmilk and it should loosten her up a little bit :) Goodluck!!
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Kezia Kezia
I always use Caro Syrup in my baby's bottle - a teaspoon or so (depending on how much formula is being given) That should loosen stools and make it easier for the baby to have a BM. Mylicon drops will help with gas - you can find them at your local supermarket or drug store. You may also want to talk to your doctor and see if it might be due to the change in formula.
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Jaimee Jaimee
I tried brown sugar, Karo syrup, and them my grandmother told me to give him 1 ml of chamomile tea. I went out and bought the flowery kind and made my own. I gave it to him and within 2 hours he was normal. Ever since then i give him 1 ml when he is constipated and within 2 hours he will go. Hope this helps.
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Jaimee Originally Answered: Please Help! I think my baby is constipated.?
My friend's baby gets really constipated, and is breastfed too. What she does to help her is give her some diluted apple juice every morning. It helps baby go to the bathroom and is safe for her! Hope this helps!

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