How do you know when your baby is constipated.?

How do you know when your baby is constipated.? Topic: How do you know when your baby is constipated.?
November 22, 2019 / By Brandon
Question: How do you know when your baby is constipated? After how many days should you be worried? Are there any signs to look for? What can you do about it? My daughter is 7 months old. She hasn't had a bowel movement in 2 days. She is formula fed. Normally goes 1-2 times per day. She has never had this happen before, so I am unclear as to what I am looking for...?
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Adney Adney | 9 days ago
I was worried that my daughter was constipated the other day too. It probably is just the food that she is eating. Try not to feed too many bananas that was my problem, it can bind them up. If it goes for another day or two than call the ped. In the mean time feed prunes and see if that does the trick. Her system is still adjusting to the baby food like my daughter. My daughter is breastfed and went from going everyday to going to the bathroom every 3-4 days since I've been feeding food. When she goes check to see what the stool is like. If it's hard and dry, you may offer more liquids or prune juice (make sure that is okay first). I just offered my daughter more diluted apple juice and prunes. That did the trick for me. If she is not screaming or doesn't seem uncomfortable try not to worry.
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Adney Originally Answered: Help! My baby is constipated.?
I'm not sure how old yours is, but my daughter is almost six months. She was constipated and her doctor told me to mix 1-2 Tbs. of Dark Karo Syrup (start with 1) with 4 oz. of water. He told me to give that to her once a day until the constipation went away. It didn't work for us because she doesn't like the taste and won't drink it (she's only had cereal and formula so far), but thats the advice I got from the doctor maybe it will help you.

Stevania Stevania
I had the same problem with my son not that long ago. I called the pediatrician because he hadn't had a bm in a couple of days(He was 7 1/2 mo. at the time). Doc suggested using baby suppositories (Glycerin). That worked like a charm! within 20 min.,BOY! did he make up for it! LOL :) Good Luck!
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Quibilah Quibilah
My son's pediatrician said not to do anything unless the baby is screaming in pain for a full day long. You may want to try to give her some water or prune juice if you are worried.
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Mel Mel
my son, (breastfed) had problems doing poo so i took him to doc (after 4 days), and she said some babies go up to 7 days not pooing. So she told me to make chammomile tea (with cloves) and give him a little. (helped him poo and pass gas). Also told me to get an ear bud, soak it is baby oil or olive oil (or lubricant) and try to put some around the "opening". She did this and said if i do it at home, to make sure not to put it "inside" only to make the "opening" moist.. she did this and he pooed on the table then and there. Ask your doc if you're unsure.
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Layton Layton
Just because she hasn't pooped doesnt mean that she is constipated. When she does poop if it is hard and dry looking then you know she is constipated.
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Layton Originally Answered: my 6 month old baby is constipated?
Is your baby acting uncomfortable. If not, she might have just skipped a day. Bowel movement schedules can change as a baby gets older and she starts eating solid foods. If your baby is acting uncomfortable, you might try calling your doctors nurse. The nurse usually knows what the doctor usually recommends. Your doctor may recommend juice. My doctor had recommeded Kyro Syrup mixed with water, however I know some doctors are adamently against doing this. Your babies doctor may even recommend an enema. My daughter ended up needing the enema. My advice is to double check with your doctor which approach they feel would best suit your child.

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