I would like to know what you would look for in a truck stop or travel center if you are a professional driver

I would like to know what you would look for in a truck stop or travel center if you are a professional driver Topic: I would like to know what you would look for in a truck stop or travel center if you are a professional driver
July 20, 2019 / By Philippa
Question: Tell me what you would like to see in a truck stop that would make life for you on the road more enjoyable and easier. Thank you for your "two cents" All are welcome. I am planning on opening a travel center in the near future, and I really want to give travelers and truckers what they are looking for.
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Marshan Marshan | 6 days ago
My husband and I are truck drivers. I agree 100% with the person above.....cleanliness is next to Godliness, LOL. Especially having clean, bright, modern restrooms & showers. So many truckstops seem to forget- that truck drivers LIVE on the road. While the employees can go home to a clean bathroom; we have no choice but to use public facilities. Clean bathrooms show a true effort to make us feel welcome & comfortable. Another big thing.....if you have a restaurant, don't skimp on the quality of food. Hire experienced cooks who know what they're doing. Buy good quality food. Give the cooks a little bit of "freedom" to come up with unique, special dishes or variations on the menu fare....offer them as daily specials first, and if they are a hit, add them to the menu permanently. The chain truckstop restaurants SUCK. Everything comes from a can, every location has the same crap, and the cooks do everything "by the book." Even if they have "better" ideas to improve on meals, corporate BS won't let them. The homestyle, independent places, with skilled cooks who can add a little of their own personal flair always have the BEST food. If you can't offer a full service restaurant, consider offering a deli or hot-case. Instead of getting frozen, pre-made crap....have someone make fresh food. All it really takes is a fryer and a griddle. Quality food with a personal touch is ALWAYS preferrable to the pre made stuff. Also, I'd love to see more truckstops that offer healthy snacks. So many just have apples & bananas. Consider offering pre-made salads, fruit cups, veggie trays, or a wider variety of fresh fruit. Lots of drivers are trying to eat better & it's just so hard. An exercise room is another perk. Entertainment is nice. My husband loves a good "movie room" with comfortable chairs, a big TV, good sound system and a wide selection of movies to choose from. We both like arcade games. Having other TV viewing areas where drivers can congregate to watch sports, weather, whatever....is also important. There's also something that sets my 3 favorite truckstops apart from ALL others. A fenced in area to let pets run off-leash! So many truckers have dogs, and it can be so dangerous to let them run off leash in most places. I have 2 dogs and I WILL plan my trip so that I am able to stop for a while at the truckstops that offer fenced areas. I always spend money at these places...I will even wait to buy things until I get through one of these stops, because I appreciate the dog areas SO MUCH!! The 3 truckstops I know of that have this don't seem to have any problems with it. One is all gravel, and it makes cleanup easy. Sure, not all drivers pick up after their pet, but if you have someone in the parking lot picking up all manner of trash and pee bottles, it's not too much to ask to take a shovel & pick up after a few dogs. I wish ALL truckstops had this feature. Some good "models" for excellent independent truck stops are many of the AMBEST network places. Sapp Bros. in Denver (most Sapp Bros. are good, it is a small independent chain with excellent service overall, but Denver stands out). Little America in Wyoming. Johnson's Corner in Loveland, CO. Traveler's Oasis in Eden, Idaho. Boise Stage Stop in Boise ID. Jubitz in Portland OR. These truck stops are a few that absolutely go 100% above and beyond expectations in ALL areas- they are truly OUTSTANDING amongst the bunch. Even if you don't have the resources to go all "fancy" right off the bat, just remember that a clean place, a smiling face, and caring, personalized service makes a big impression. Don't put apathetic kids or people who can't speak English into customer service roles. Treat customers like they're truly a top priority, and people will be more likely to come back.
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Marshan Originally Answered: What would be some good healthy meals for a diabetic truck driver on the go?
I am diabetic too, and I know it's super hard to eat out or on the go because you don't know what it put in the food, and I just recently found out and it's been hard to figure out the amounts I need to balance everything since I love sugar and carbs! The best tip is to replace your favorites with diabetic things. Now when I bake cookies, instead of sugar I use apple sauce or splenda for example. I bought an Atkins cookbook since they are lower in carbs but it's not the unhealthy junk the media portrays it to be, not just bacon, steak, and hot dogs. You can make him healthy meals and freeze them in little tupperwares so he can heat them up in a microwave at a truckstop or in the truck if he has one. Wraps are a great on the go food, for breakfast lunch and dinner. Examples: Turkey Bacon, Eggs, Cheese on a whole wheat tortilla or pita. Chicken, bacon, cheese, light sauce (ranch, hummus, mustard,etc) and veggies on whole wheat wrap or pita A sandwich is just fine if he loves them, but make sure it's the healthiest possible. Whole wheat bread (make sure the first ingredient is 100% whole wheat/stone ground flour, not enriched wheat flour) it should have at least 2 grams of fiber per slice. I eat lunch at Subway almost everyday, and I just make sure to get mustard as a sauce since I know it's sugar free and no carbs, and make sure the bread is wheat or honey oat. He should only be drinking water or crystal light if he can because this will allow him to use the sugars he does eat daily for foods he enjoys. I love pepsi but I rather drink water all day if it means I can have a small bowl of ice cream or snack cake when I want a regular dessert. Snacks he can keep on hand Popcorn Peanut Butter (Great alone, or with an apple, etc-its filling, quick, and if you buy the ones with only peanuts and salt in it it's healthy too) Veggies/hummus Soups Whole grain bagels/english muffins *I didn't include fruits because my Dr. says for me it counts as a sugar since Im not on meds and don't want to be. Since he is on the road so much he needs to make sure he gets enough exercise as that helps lower blood sugar and improve circulation.
Marshan Originally Answered: What would be some good healthy meals for a diabetic truck driver on the go?
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Laidey Laidey
I'm not a trucker, but... I use them a lot while traveling for work, so forgive my two cents.. :) Clean, clean, clean facilities, good food at a reasonable price, internet access, and if the parking lot is clean I'm much more likely to stop there. So many times the grounds look like a garbage dump, it makes me think there's nothing inside I want to have anything to do with! :)
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Jenifer Jenifer
If you went to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, AND Busch Gardens during your vacation last year, chances are you missed a lot of stuff there. I find it hard to imagine you did everything at all four theme parks, the two water parks, and Downtown Disney. Plus, there's tons of recreation- mini golf, horseback riding, boating, fishing, fireworks cruises, and so much more. There's no way you did everything at Disney if you went to those other parks. How long did you go to Disney? 3 Days, or not even? You definitely missed out on a lot of awesome stuff. Also, Disney's Year of a Million Wishes Celebration begins October 1st. There's going to be all kinds of new, fun attractions and stuff. Try going to Walt Disney World again, it's the only reason to go to the Orlando area.
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